Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Race

Hey my petition is still on the move, so thank you, every caring, heart-centered person who has signed. Here it is

You can also sign the same petition at the gopetition link, which is on my blog as a permanent fixture just to the left.

My mouth is finally starting to dethaw after almost 3 hours of freezing. I was at the dentist. Good times.

In other news, I watch The Amazing Race, and want the Globetrotters to win. I dig them. They're true competitors. They never cuss each other, or put each other down in any way. In fact they always support each other with encouraging words and no pressure. It's a joy to watch them. Never once have they turned on each other and started yelling and carrying on and behaving like most of the other greedy people. Because after all the real name for the show could just as easily be " Greed: what it does to your relationships".
Watch the way people on in other teams interact with each other. People who purportedly love and respect each other. What they love is the idea of getting money, period. But when I watch the Globetrotters, I see two humble friends. Genuine friends. And they don't come off as backstabbing or greedy. So, I wish them luck,
and I feel that the other 2 all-white teams are racist, so this is more grist for the mill, and even more reason why I hope Flight Time and Big Easy win!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The petition

So I deleted one "signature" on my petition because some loser who had the same first and last name name used it to bloody well advertise their company. It had nothing to do with animal rights, or the signing of my petition.Perhaps someone else took it upon themselves to erase signer # 286, cuz maybe they did the same ass thing?

But here's the link again :

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mt. Chomolunga

Before we begin as usual, please continue to sign my petition asking the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution.

Here's the website:

You know what I hate? The term summiting. Why does no one ever say "climb"? The people who climb Mount Everest always use such hardcore, and really aggressive language about getting up that mountain. It's such patriarchal, dominating language.

It's like as if all the people who are going to climb Mt.Everest, or truly any other mountain, want to conquer the shit out of it. Want to make it into a war, and at the same time drain their bank accounts. They also make it into a huge spectacle with cameras, websites, sponsorships.

Shit. Wouldn't the logical thing be to think like a mountain? And then instead of spending all that money on "hard-core gear", why not just go and live up in the mountain area you want to climb for a long time. Become one with the ebbs and flows of the mountain, enabling you to acclimatize slowly, and with time you will, depending on how long you live with the mountain, gain more red blood cells, allowing you to take in m0re oxygen, as all mountain-dwelling people can.

But this would never do to most "ascenders" as they are all in such a damn hurry to get there, and "summit". I could've called this piece, Zen and the art of Mt. Chomolunga, but think how ironic that would be?

What do the Sherpas say? Probably "climb" or maybe something even more beautiful, less "me" against "nature" and more Tibetan Buddhist, which is what they are, and perhaps, they say, "We are going to be one with the great spirit of Chomolungma"

The Tibetan word for Mt. Everest,
Chomolungma, translates as Saint Mother. Isn't that beautiful? Instead of being named after some stupid colonial, white guy, a name which was chosen by another stupid,colonial, white guy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the petition, what's going on?

My petition continues to inch along, as if it's kind of been mortally wounded, but struggling to stay afloat. Geez, why aren't more people queuing up to sign, I wonder?

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Racism of Agatha Christie

Before we begin, please continue to sign my petition asking the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution.

Here's the website:

Something weird: The petition won't register signer #286, and has jumped from # 285 to 287. What happened to the person, signer #286, who took the time to sign, where's her/his signature?

I like reading, and I also like reading well-written stories. Though, when I read a story peppered with racial epithets, I feel very uncomfortable to angry, and more times than not I stop whatever book it is I am in the throws of.

Agatha Christie is a major culprit. She always has characters, or just the tone of her narrator's voice, spouting what I would call racist crap. I try to think, "Well this is how the rich, WASP, British of a certain era behaved." But still I find it ??? what? difficult, no, because she, as the author is not at all reflective, so perhaps a better word would be, angry.

Reading about a character using the n-word to describe a type of fucking dessert, and have another character repeat the word, to understand what type of dessert was being described is sick.

Then, to have Christie as the narrator's voice, talk, always about so-and so the 'stingy', or 'wealthy',"Jew" or "Jewess". And btw, the adjective wealthy, is not used in positive way, it's meant in a smarmy way.


She is the pre-eminent doyen of crime writing, but she also completely upholds the wealthy, WASP majority sensibility.

I hate the word "Jew". I find it anti-Semitic. I refuse to use it.

It's just tiring, having to put these books down, when I get all interested in them.

I think maybe the publishers could take more responsibility and put disclaimers on the covers of the books. Disclaimers like: " Caution, a lot of racial language and British, WASP entitlement involved."

What do you think?