Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I wish for...

Love and wishes...

Both are exciting, both make you feel happy and joyful and both require a totally open heart!

Wishing, like loving, requires investments of energy -one's personal energy- into the larger pool of available, universal energy flow.

Both are very powerful ways to put your emotions and hopes into realities.

Wishing is allowing the seemingly impossible to become possible. When we wish, we ask for help from a higher place. Wishes are magick. The magick is whispering our wish, letting it go, with an open heart; like a dandelion seed we blow into the wind, and then, like a boomerang, it returns to us as a wish that's come true. It is so exciting!

Wishes are like secret pacts with the Universe. You can ask for something on a grand scale; on a heart-scale and, as long as you keep your heart open, you will get your wish. It feels so joyful when serendipitous energy flow works to bring about your wish!

The difference between wishing and merely hoping is that when you wish you are asking for magick, and you are asking from your whole self; your heart, and, you are not just wanting something, you are creating a threshold of intention which is bigger than just yourself, it expands upwards, sidewards, perpendicularly, horizontally, vertically, any way it needs to in order to connect to the flow of energy needed to connect you to your wish. Your Heart's Desire.

"I and I will see you through"

When you just hope, you have removed the ineffable qualities that comes from sending out a wish to the Universe; made up of equal parts faery dust starlight pure energy, and joy!

Also, when you just hope you're not trusting, or believing in your self/Self ,or the
Universe, the message that the energy flow of just hope sends is : "I guess/ maybe I'll get it, but I don't really deserve it"; it's like whispering your wish into your dandelion seed, but instead of blowing the seed, and letting your wish travel, you fearfully hold on to it; because you're not sure if it will fly, or if your wish was stupid ,or if it will happen, or , or , or....

Open your hand, so you can open your heart, because wishing is beautiful!