Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boundaries and Limitations

I just read an article, in a "women's magazine", about an idiotic woman, painted as a victim, which makes me furious. The woman got together with a guy who told her right off the hop, even before they started anything, that he had a criminal record ..ok , you may be thinking, no big deal, whatever.  His record was for second -degree murder. If you, like her, are still nonplussed, I find that odd, but, there’s still more. This man openly told the woman that his second -degree murder charge was due to his violent rage that caused him to beat his girlfriend, at the time, to death.

For many sane, non-desperate, or pathetic types, being told by someone you are interested in that he/she has a criminal record,  for murder, of his/her partner, should be the ultimate "deal-breaker", as it were. Though, if you are just as vampiristic as the killer you've hooked up with, you get what you chose.

This sick fuck of a man gets painted, by the same women, as a sweet man who had a bad time growing up. She was so able to look past that "flaw" of his; ie: is terrifying rage, culminating in murder that she even married him. A real trooper, right? . So, how then is she a fucking victim, is what I’d like to know?

The article went on to say how the idiot woman has a hard time trusting since her divorce from her killer husband, whom she learned, from the police, was also a rapist. The shock the horra. She went on to say how he had been living  double lives. Right, he tells her who is is, up front before the dating phase, she accepts him and his murderous rage, and  he keeps behaving the same way, mm, pretty suspicious to me.

The article also went on to mention the wives/victims of two other “unsuspecting” psychos. There was mention of a woman married to a sicko who killed a lot of people and buried them in his basement. The wife asked the sicko what the horrible smell was coming from the basement, as opposed to just going to see for her damn self. He spun some crap about the smell being mildew, and that was that.  She, apparently believed him and was that stupid.
There was mention of the woman married to the filth in Austria who raped his daughter and kept her in the basement. Somehow the fucking wife kept her blinders on the whole time , and chose to have no clue  about what was going on in her own home.


I knew a family like that. The filthy fuck of a father was molesting both daughters, and somehow the mother stayed completely oblivious. I was friends with the oldest daughter, and I didn’t know but I hated the father and he scared and creeped me out. So, when she finally told me, it was not surprising. What was, was that the mother still allowed him to use their joint credit card. I was furious!

Most women are pathetic, while most men are scary, and manipulative. Most women's only goal is to get and keep a man, and they will go to any lengths to do that. God forbid, who wants to be a social pariah, and go out alone, (gasp!)
The article ended on a “good” note, so us readers can feel that love can trump all, isn’t that what it’s all about, after all, that, that, and having that right handbag? The idiot woman found a new wallet, oh, rather, man, to marry. And, we were duly informed that he works in finance. Here’s the thing, that bitch was stupid and desperate enough to accept a killer, what else will she accept?

Here’s a poem I wrote and published in a zine I used to write.
For me
This is for my silence
And for pain
For forgotten friendships
And for misplaced sadness
And for another homo-cide

This is for forgetting my fear
in labour camps and Gucci boots
For replacing my misanthropy with
dinner forks--they're not for
This is for remembering cold hands,
long hair, warm, blue sweaters, sweet-sadness
               Love and blood
This is also for my cat's eyes;
glowing hollow and iridescent in the
darkness of my room.
For forgetting the words to a song
I cling to
       And for longing to be "nothing more than cute"
For the brutal destruction of
[For always being alone]

This is for stereotypes that represent

reality-          though, not truth
       And this is for the warm, blue
blanket I fell asleep in, listening
to the wind howl
in excruciating
               I  slept
on, till the dawn
woke me
with violent sun and sarcasm
This is for waking up

in a bed
And for waking up
       And refusing to
participate , in the eating of any more,
however seemingly palpable,
       This is for peace
And this is for My own voice and
spirit to be carried through
the lands of the Ogoni people,
Dubrovnik and Southern Italy
       For sexism
For religion---, yoking us together
in a state of power-over

And for nihilism, existenz
and Solace.

This is political
This is for me.(c) 2001 M.K