Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Saturday, November 6, 2010

All things otters, and such like

Best friends
Holding hands, asleep! How cute is that!?
A pile of baby sea otters-sleeping.
Still holding hands; they are just that cute.

Ok, I need a wee dose of I came upon a cute-as-cute picture of sea otters. However, these all too cute mammals are also a threatened species, and the evilness that is the BP disastor, has caused and will contine to cause many otters and other sea faring beings as well as birds to become endangered. As well, obvioulsly many beings died slow, painful deaths.

I found an article, above, about the
threatened sea otters. The article incorrectly has them listed as "extinct", which is not the case. Clearly the writer doesn't understand the meaning of the word. However, they are endangered and were at one point on the brink of extinction. Also on the list of animals on the endangered list, which was a shock to me, Atlantic salmon. is an article about animals who have become endangered as a result of BP's fuck up. ( I was too lazy to link this one, it's kind of long) Here's a link to National Geographic's photos of animals in the BP oil. It's sad and awful. Humans always take advantage of the earth and the beings who live gently on it.