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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Immaclate What?!

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I was thinking about the whole immaculate conception thing this morning...a weird concept in so many ways.

Immaculate generally meaning very clean. The Merriam-Webster free online dictionary defines the word in the following ways:
adjective from spot or stain; spotlessly clean: immaculate linen. from moral blemish or impurity; pure; undefiled. from fault or flaw; free from errors: an immaculate text.

4.Biology . having no spots or colored marks; unicolor.

So, Mary, ( Jesus's Mom), says the Catholic church, didn't have sex with Joseph. God Forbid, and I mean that, literally. The catholic church was and still is comprised of all men. Therefore, why would a bunch of angry men, who have formed a religion, based on,well , essentially, myths and fables that denigrate women, want to say that Mary and her husband enjoyed each other, physically?

Why would Mary want to "stain" her pure soul, as it were? The real truth, is what, she was sleeping with God? Though, it makes so much more sense to pretend that maybe there was something funny in the water, that only Mary caught..and the next thing you know, she's having God's baby. It could happen.

Millions of Catholics walk around trying to convince themselves of this shit, that Mary the dear sweet mother of Jesus, just happened to find herself with child, and not any child, but the Christ --the light of god. What was going through Joseph's mind? I bet he was thinking, " I'm away for two days, visiting my mother, she needed some matzo ball soup, I get back, and bam, Mary's pregnant..again, and everybody says it's not mine, it's God's...son? How do they even know the gender, is what I'd like to know? WTF is going on?!"

In definition #2, above, we see the word- undefiled. Defile is another way to say rape. Once again the boy's at the catholic church continue to connect sex with pain and shame. Maybe all the catholic bible writers had some really shit coming of age experiences, and I bet a few were trying to deal with their Oedipal complexes, hence Mary's lilly white virginity. In definition #3, we see immaculate as meaning free of errors. Interesting? Sex, then, is seen a mistake.

Well, maybe it's not all sex that the catholic church and all its minions finds offensive. Perhaps it's just heterosexual sex that's so offensive, and hence sex just for the sake of sex is a "sin", because with heterosex comes the possibility of messy shit like blood and omg babies!
Why don't catholics just tell themselves that Mary and the damn Easter bunny were having a fling,( Spring fling?) it would make as much sense!

However, many apocryphal texts say that Mary and Joseph had other kids, not just Jesus, and those kids are regarded as Joesph's legit kids, none of this offspring of god stuff for them.

It's so fucked you have to laugh.

Anyway, good for the catholics for sticking to their guns and maintaining their sexist, misogynist, anti-Semitic, hate- filled ways in the face of all sorts of adversity. I think their motto is " fuck reality, and down with modernity!"

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