Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The ugly double-standard

I saw a cute scene today. A woman saw a large Doberman, a dog I'm not ashamed to say, I'm afraid of. Upon seeing the large dog, who was tied up but patiently waiting for his human friend, the woman said happily, "Oh, a puppy!" Let me just point out here that the dog was by no stretch of anyone's imagination a puppy.
This was a fully grown dog. Full stop.
The woman, and a friend she was with, then went up the dog and gave him snuggles like he was a puppy! In return the dog waggled the tiny nip of a tail that he had and flapped his little ears in complete happiness!
It made me happy to see!
I must say, whenever I see a kitty, no matter the age, I always refer to her/him as a kitten!

I HATE that Dobermans have their tail's and ears cut, and no I won't say "docked", just to make them look and ostensibly feel more aggressive. It's disgusting, bullshit and barbaric and needs to be stopped!
Then the friend/dad of the dog came out from a store he had been in and seemed pretty loving, despite the fact that he most certainly had allowed his dog's body parts to be chopped off.

Most Dobermans are aggressive because of how they are raised and treated. Though the one I saw today was clearly loved, which is a nice break from the norm. The norm being, dogs such as Pit Bulls, who are the new "evil" and yet their humans are the ones who are raising them to behave in aggressive manners, and the humans get off Scott-free.
Why is that?

We talk about "putting down" an animal or "destroying" it, when it's been deemed aggressive. Yet when a person has committed a crime of say, torturing a Pit Bull to the point that it feels so filled with rage it starts attacking other animals and people, we don't say that that sick piece of shit should get "destroyed" cuz then all of a sudden everyone gets all " maybe he was raised in a bad environment" kind of bullshit.

And the dog who's getting "destroyed", had, what, a cheery, fucking happy home-life?

Children who start exhibiting signs of sociopathic behaviour, doing sick shit like torturing other beings or worse, at early ages are never "destroyed". No, instead they are shunted through society only to become sicker.

But really, why don't they get "destroyed"? After all, it's because of them and the adults like them that I keep my cat/(s) indoors at Halloween, and why I, daily sign so many petitions on Care2 that make me sick and want to cry, and why I created my petition, urging my government to finally realize that animals can think, feel, laugh, cry even more deeply than us, and therefore their rights must be included in our constitution. As usual, here's the link: