Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rain, rain, keeps me sane even when it's pouring

A photo I took of Loch Ness. I guess Nessie was out that particular morn.

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, it's pouring, and there was loud, scary thunder a second ago.

I love the rain, it makes me feel pensive, but also tired. I'm grateful it's raining because the humidity was awful.

I wanted to add a sound clip...from a great movie. But alas, I've been waiting for shit to upload for over half an hour and the battery on the computer is dying and someone has decided to hide the plug...I guess that's the level of maturity here. So, to sum up, the computer's about to die, I can't get the clip up, and the plug's been hidden. Good times!
And the font button's missing, and now I am having problems publishing this wee rant.
The stupid font button decided to grace me with its appearance...after the fact though.
So frustrating.
And a final p.s, after a good hour searching for the damn plug, and the computer fully dead, I walked back into the dining room and lo, there it was, on the table. Like a miracle. Of course, it didn't walk there or even fly.