Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, October 29, 2009

keep on keepin on

Kitten steps I guess. Dear old Jack Layton won't, it seems, sign my petition. Though he assures me that he and the NDP are all deeply committed to the cause of animal welfare. And why won't he sign? He made some crappy claim that because a bill was already turned down in parliament by the current ass government and the opposition, he won't try again.


I wrote back telling him how imperative his signing this bill is.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wendie, it's your birthday!!

Happy Birthday Wendie!!!!!!!!!!!

See I kinda figured out how to post a hot girl!

Hope you dig her and your day is swell!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Same shit, different name

Lest we forget my petition to include animal rights into Canada's constitution:

This blog posting was from a piece I wrote called Globalized Apartheid, back in 'o5, I've done some little edits.

"Here in my city we had a large procession of police officers of colour parade through my Caribbean 'hood. Did the "media" even bat an eye, let alone toss one meager little scrap of mention about it anywhere. I was surprised as anyone to come home to a huge barricade of white and intimidating cops, only to later see that the parade contingent was by and large peopled with officers of colour. I think all of us watching let out a sigh of relief and, simultaneously, felt a surge of pride.

"However, the question begs asking, if we in Canada, pride ourselves,( at least I think we do) on being such a forward thinking society, then why the hell do we still need to mention the colour of
someone's skin, their religion (always Jewish when the writer is clearly not) or sexual option!? Our new Governor General is an amazing Haitian born Canadian who is getting touted as being "the first black Governor General.” Does this not make anyone else feel like the shadow of jim crow is just behind the lurking tree, with the noose still blowing in the wind?"

What's the Apartheid like in your city?"

And, on that note, what's your ism?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sobering stuff from H.H The Dalai Lama

First, please keep letting people know about my petition, here it is:

And now much needed perspective from one of my favourite humans, His Holiness, the lovely Dalai Lama.

I love him. He must be the most peaceful person.Whenever I look at a photo of him,
I feel so calm.

"The Dalai Lama made some powerful statements about the horrors and the inhumanity inherent in killing animals to eat them:"
"Hunting. Beef, sheep farms. Piggeries. Millions, billions die. We can be so cruel to animals."
"He went on to discuss vegetarianism—noting that he himself gave up meat, dairy, and eggs in 1965, though he has occasionally eaten meat since then "(taken from the PETA website)

"His Holiness's kitchen in Dharamsala is vegetarian. However, during visits outside of Dharamsala, His Holiness is not necessarily vegetarian. "
( from

And check out this article, about H.H The Dalai Lama attending a conference in supposedly post-Apartheid S. Africa.

I dunno, small tidbits but reaffirming and therefore important, at least for my heart!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animals on Board = "Checked Baggage"!!?

First off, please keep signing my petition urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution. ( relentless, yes, I am)

Here's the url:

Secondly, did anyone know that animals, primarily pets, when taken on a plane are considered "checked baggage"!!! Checked bloody baggage. Also, the number of pet deaths during flights due to stress, injuries, illness, or the inability to breathe is so startlingly high, and the airlines won't take responsibility. Surprise surprise!

Have a look at this report, which features only American airline companies

And as you can see, Continental is the worst offender.

I couldn't even find a Canadian version of an incident report, so here's one story, of disgustingly, far too many

Relating to the above story is this one, which could be seen as a small victory, perhaps?

And this is pretty heartening as well..

And lastly, this forum discussion board is pretty interesting, and heartening.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This is my favourite holiday and it's the best time of year, as well.

What does this holiday mean to you? What will you be giving thanks for, and with whom?

Whatever motivates you to be, perhaps, introspective, please continue letting people know about my petition that needs a lot more signatures still.

And, here it is!!

Keep on signing:)

Shit, I don't care if people want to sign their names 20 times, I just need more signatures so it can be taken seriously but the ass- bureaucracy that is my, like any, government. It's just some governments are worse in terms of red tape, bullshit and corruption,not to mention violation of human and animal rights.

Which government is, in your opinion the number one offender?

Migwetch ( thank you, in Ojibway)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

306 signatures, !

We've finally surpassed 300 signatures!!! That is a combined total from both petition site locations. It's trickling a long but it's moving, which is excellent.

I'll keep pestering the politicians. I plan on calling them all tomorrow, and seeeing as we have an election coming up, it's the perfect time to call them up. If they want my vote, let's see what they'll do for it?

Here, as usual is the link to the petition which is gaining more signatures than the other link

If you haven't signed please do it now, or if you have, ask lots of people to sign it too.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why this petition is so crucial...

I have to say that as a Canadian, I am so ashamed of my government.

We hear a lot of talk about, "Let's save the polar bears", and " We're destroying their habitat.." and "Climate change is melting the arctic.."

Ok, but what's really going on is that my government fully allows these majestic bears to get shot "for sport", a term that sickens me, as should it to any sentient being.

We allow the same to be done to our black bears here in Ontario.
Oh sure some people say that bears are a "problem", yeah, they are a problem when you have killed their family members, destroyed their land, built up all around it, and left them with no food source save for the fucking garbage dump.
So, my ass-government allows bears to get murdered for "fun", even mother bears.

I blogged here about this some months back, and when I was doing a search about people who are against the bear murders in my province, all that came up were pages and pages about why killing bears " is fun", and other sick shit. It's a big and disgraceful "tourist attraction".

Below are 2 links. 1 is a clip from youtube about an amazing Canadian man named Charlie Russell, who lives with and takes care of orphaned bears in Russia. The link has such beautiful photos with him and the bears that are basically his kids, and while you watch it think about the beauty of bears, and feel your heart hurt knowing that to most people bears are "buckshot" and nothing more.

The second link is about the documentary that the youtube clips are from. The documentary is from a Canadian program by David Suzuki called The Nature of Things, and the doc itself is called The
Bearman of Kamchatka, where you can read about Charlie who could be called an angel. Do yourself a gigantic favour and get a copy of the documentary. It's amazing! And not only is Charlie incredible for what's he's done, he's also incredible for the way in which he loves bears, with his entire being.

I think this film should be mandatory viewing for everyone, especially government officials!!

And last but not least, my petition, if you are new to this site, then great, more signatures!
I want animal rights included in the constitution! Please follow the link below, and tell the government that animals must be included!!!