Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Passed 3,000

My petition, in all its 13 reincarnations has finally amassed 3,000. 3,313 signatures to be exact! Only 7,000 more to reach my goal!

Very exciting.

In other news, it's so hot and humid I love it. Though there were so many idiots at Pride who brought their dogs out in the sweltering heat with no shade no water nothing. I gave a bottle of water to a man for his dog. The dog looked like he was about to die and the fucking ass man had a cup for the poor dog to try to drink from, and that he was all fur and black made it worse. That man should have been fined $, 2000 minimum

I should run for mayor.

I went to the beach the other day...sadly the water is polluted beyond gross, but sand and warmth feel beautiful.

Today my fam and I went to the country, well "country-lite" the city encroaches more and more.
Though we did see two chipmunks, beautiful butterflies and emerald dragonflies and I saw a frog! Oh and we saw three red-tailed hawks circling above us. That was cool.

The weather was beautiful.