Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Banks, War and Murdered Donkeys

It's a well known fact that banks are the polestars of evil, to quote senior Kushner of Angels in America fame. They become even more evil, if this is even vaguely possible, when one is applying for a credit card.

My god, the fucking application and interrogation process is enough to deter anyone. All the personal question and the judgements, " You've never wanted to own a credit card before?!" they all ask me not even trying to hide their tones of rude incredulity.

It feels sort like one's soul is getting sucked out. Banks are evil, and the people who work for them are zombie-minded robots. Me: "Why do you or the bank need or want to know if I'm married or not?" One of the zombie's answers, " We just have to ask that." Right. Just like a soldier, don't think, just shoot. Me: I'm not going to answer that." I proudly wouldn't work in an army nor a bank, same shit different jargon, kind of. They both use double-speak to confuse and kind of appease the confused, fuming masses. They both are mindless entities that unethically suck our resources dry, and they both don't give a shit about the eco- destruction, and lives lost they cause and contribute to: the tar sands in Alberta, any war, anywhere. The earth gets raped, and animals are the fucking 'collateral damage'.

Donkeys in Israel and Palestine are used as fucking go-betweens, strapped with bombs , by the psycho Palestinians, and blown up. No one seems to give a shit that a being was murdered for the sickness of humans!