Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, March 30, 2009

cats that I love

Ok, one more post per oggi...the last one though crucial, leaves me feeling more depressed than anything and then I feel, "what's the point?!" homeless kitties i feed and take care of have come for food...the girl i dubbed pregninta, cuz she was pregant has had her babies...I hope they're ok. But now that she's no longer pregnant, what do I call her? I was gonna call her Sweet Pea, but perhaps my kitty would be angry,seeing as I used to call her that when she was wee. And the boy I've dubbed Cutie Pie, or CP for short. He's adorable...Some shit head hurt him..if only I knew who. His teeth are broken and he flinches if you move to quickly.
In the meantime, I made him a house, cuz he never wanted to come in during the freezing-ass winter. I put blankets, a sheep skin shammy thing I found, and of course a box, and it's enclosed in another box, to make it windproof.

I love animals, perhaps you already knew that though, and travelling. Everytime I travel I meet kitties...

Travelling with deliberate purpose

Just a p.s here..I had to delete the video, it wasn't working, but it was from the American Humane Society. Hard to watch, but crucial...too bad it didn't come out.

It hurts me so much to think that we, as people can murder and torture animals, and because they have fur or feathers or gills or shells or scales it's not seen as torture or murder. It's never seen as the brutal crime that it is.

So, I've been vacillating on big life decisions. I know I need to do something that helps animals lives, and not just my own. I know that animals are the lungs, heart, soul, spirit, and breath of this earth. Like trees and mountains they ground and centre us; they comfort and love us, and in return, we abandon them, and do such mind-numbingly sick things to all the gentle beings of this earth.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keep signing

Hi everyone, I hope you have signed or are going to sign the seal hunt petition, which has sadly just begun. There's another petition I'd like you to sign, it's to urge the South African government to protect the lesbians that are being raped by sick fucks who believe this will "cure" them, of fucking what??? I can hardly believe most humans get the opportunity to's beyond sickening...

Thanks if you've taken the time to sign them. The seals and women who, we hope get saved, will thank us all too.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring cleaning

Well, I feel vaguely that I could be ready if I really hurried the hell up and made some sort of decision, to travel, but, really, this shouldn't be the way...

But alack, alas I feel that if I don't push myself into a decision, nothing will continue...So, push I must. Otherwise I will remain frittering in the annoying liminal waiting spaces.

Saw an evil cockroach from my not to distant past. I was at a furniture store, with my mom and grandmother, but they had gone up a hall, and I remained relaxing in a massage chair when out of nowhere walks that fucking cockroach...but I wasn't afraid anymore, finally..I screamed, called it " a piece of fucking shit", loudly. Maybe that's how the universe provides closure??? By giving us uncomfortable situations so that we can find our strength again...

I hate the Spring. I find it such a violent and difficult season. As Eliot says, "April is the cruelest month", all the birth, change , death, and growth. So, to that end, I will end by pondering what lies ahead for me in my emotional springtime...

a manana

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A sad day

Today is a sad day of mourning, it's been a year without my kitty, she was our kitty for 19 years.

So, I mourn. She was beautiful, and I adopted her, her story was so tragic.

She had been found by some rescue workers who had been called because people reported hearing some mewing coming from a dump.

The rescuers found her, and I think just one other kitty her sister, thrown in a fucking dump, in a plastic bag!!!

Then I found her at the Humane Society. She was pretty small, and all black. I was only able to get one, which still to this day makes me sad, cuz she clearly loved that other kitty.

And home she came, and loved only me, the best.

I miss her all the time still.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, for the second time already this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a good diversion

This is not only adorable, but a lovely testament to the amazingness of animals!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Day of the Year

Happy International Women's Day!!!!

I hope today you will participate in random acts of anarchy, coupled with enthusiastic bouts of joy!!!

It's just one day a year, so enjoy it. I guess it's kinda like Christmas, or as I prefer, crismas, but without the tree, presents or hymns..though, the connection's still valid :)

And if you haven't yet done it, please sign the save the seal petition on the left; it's important.

And while we celebrate the fact that we, in many countries can and do enjoy many freedoms we are lucky enough to take for granted, today will be a day like any other for many other women, all over the world, and right here in my so-called liberated land, nevermind, in my city. Today will sadly be like any other; women will be threatened, denied her rights, hurt, abused or murdered.

The numbers of women getting murdered by their fucking husbands is on the rise.

So, while we celebrate for the strides we have made, remember that we can only fully celebrate when we have successfully overthrown and therefore abolished patriarchy forever.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Ah, Algonquin Provincial Park...It's so vast, so immense, it's an amazing place to know. This extraordinary photo of a beautiful, thirsty young cow moose was my first encounter with such a huge, majestic being!

Being among so many trees makes me feel less frenetic, less chaotic, more whole, clam and centred. Forests and trees and gifts.

I love being able to look far and not see one single power line, ugly building; I think mostly all are eyesores, or even, cars.

I have done a few different hikes there. I remember one where I saw a woman in full- on stilettos!
Now, I wear hiking boots or sometimes my sneakers, but heels? And it wasn't like that particular hike was straight and flat, in fact in was pretty uphill for quite a bit of the way.

I'd like to share some images of the forest as seen on the hike of the whiskey rapids, where, apparently, bears were about, and could be heard, though not by me.

P.S. International Women's Day is 2 days away, how will you celebrate? Is this even the right word for a day of the year, one day we are "given" to scream for our rights?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Animals Strike Back!!

And lastly kind readers, let me end on this final note for the day:

Every time I hear about a shark attack, or a chained, caged animal who let the captor have it, or even an escapee, I do a happy dance, I really do.

One small step for beings, one giant step for beings with teeth and claws!!!

Check this out!!!
if it doesn't work goto Youtube and search for " When Animals Strike Deer Attack"

and this: -

Dominion, or who the fuck do we think we are?

(before we begin, if you click on the title of this post you'll be taken to my website,

So, today's "topic", if you will, is all about the funny, and yet, all too encompassing word, dominion. What exactly does it entail? What does it mean to give someone dominion over something?

Rule? Reign? Supremacy? Do these words sum up the concept of " having dominion over" well enough for you?

As a traveller, and more specifically, a backpacker, I try to walk lightly on the earth. I carry only what I can carry on my back, and in many situations, if I can't fit it in to my backpack, I leave it behind and am better off for it.

When I'm up north in the forest, I know that I am in someone else's home.
I understand that I am a visitor, and let's be frank here, I am, like all the other humans an uninvited intruder on the forest's solitude. Though, unlike the gun-toting muderers who roam our beautiful hinterlands, desecrating both the beings who indwell and the earth with their trash and hate, I walk quietly, I bring nothing save for a backpack and walking stick.

I am a meat-eater, but I also understand that this doesn't give me any special rights or privileges pertaining to having a sense of dominion over any other being, especially a being I am eating.

I, as a human, do not at all believe that humans are by any means "more evolved" or ]"more enlightened" than other beings. If anything, we are less so. We have rape. We have guns.

All beings have myriad of emotions and ways of interacting; many animal clans practice acts that I find disturbing, like gerbils who will eat their baby, when they "need protein", whatever, but we're not really much better are we?

Canada continues to murder our seals, Japan, Iceland and Norway still murder their whales, Americans are killing their wolves, and what's worse, their trying to do it "secretly" with the help of that wicked woman, Palin. We all know what China does to it's dwindling brown bear population; for anyone who doesn't, they kill them for their "parts" , yes that's right, murder for what ails you, literally, and then there are the Pandas, who have all but lost their natural home.
What about the Russians? The way they, like the Chinese, force and torture bears into "circus acts" and cages, is beyond disgusting. It humiliates me and hurts me, as if I asm a bear too. Though, I can not even begin to conceive what those bears, or any animal who is tortured and shamed must feel.

I have absolutely zero respect for these so called "cultures" of people.

Check out this link! It's sad, and horrific, but think about our topic when reading it, will you?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

northern adventures

For those of you from Canada, more specifically Ontario, I would like to do an homage of the wild north. I love my province, especially northern Ontario, because it's beautiful, and remote, and filled with life; not the human kind, necessarily, but the other kind, birds, and beavers, and bears, though unbelievably the fucking government allows "sport" hunting, well, let's call it what it is, shall we, murder, of mother bears, any bears. It's horrific.

I was lucky enough to see one, at a dump, sadly, but, all the same it was an amazing experience to behold! S/he was a shy, black bear, nibbling trash, and when our car pulled up, she quickly ducked behind the hill and back into the forest s/he went.

This is the photo we got, below.

Notice, too, what we do to the earth, and how disgusting we are with our throw away culture. All the bags of plastic, the couches was beyond grotesque to see; sad and depressing, more like.

Just one little gem. Ah, I love this park,