Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, June 28, 2010

All about the agent provocateur

Ok, the topic today, fair readers: the gullible masses and how we are all so easily lead and covered in the cloak of fear. You see, in order for a government of any description to "best" control its citizens it needs first to control its citizens emotions. Solution? Scare the shit out of them by any means necessary, and as frequently as possible. Once this has been accomplished then everything else will succeed at alarming rates. That is because once we, the terrified citizens have indeed succumbed to the fears then we become paralysed by our fears and don't ever dare question authority,in any capacity, including standing up for our very lives.

A steady diet of constant politically motivated fear coupled with politicians ensuring the media only talk about issues in the most sensationalized of terms, and what do you get? Yes, that's right, you, in the front, I know you were too afraid to say it out loud, fear not, we can say it together: right wing governments who pose as democracies, but are really just terror mongers
who count on the fact that you were too afraid to speak up. Yes, I am speaking to you, woman, in the front.

So, what is an agent provocateur (a.p from now on), you ask, slightly bemused?
"Sure", you respond, "anything with French always sounds classier. Hence provocateur which sounds so cool, instead of what it really is, filthy."

The classied-up French word means cops acting as "regular folk" and in the cases of our G8 and G20 summits, the cops as a.p were acting as "seedy anarchists" to quote the mainstream shit.

Today at work, I brought up the topic of the police subverting our democracy, and human rights, with two separate people, but people being what and who they are , refused to hear me and thought I was talking about "conspiracy theories".

It's frustrating. That actually we don't have freedom to protest in any sense of the word. One person at work who 'sounds' very left wing, had been taken in completely by the spin doctoring of the media and only talked about how scary the image of the police car on fire was. And like all good automatons, refused to question the motives of the cops, et al.

Below is a small portion of an article from an excellent site called, Global

Read it but also have a look at the photos.

"Toronto is right now in the midst of a massive government / media propaganda fraud. As events unfold, it is becoming increasingly clear that the 'Black Bloc' are undercover police operatives engaged in purposeful provocations to eclipse and invalidate legitimate G20 citizen protest by starting a riot. Government agents have been caught doing this before in Canada."

Up next, this is a video exposing the provocateurs for what they are, filthy, villainous, plain clothes cops, or pigs, you choose.

And this last link is a chat room discussion about the..say it with me agent provocateur.
What are the human rights violations like in your neck of the woods?

Today's reading: Momo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Letters to companies that test on animals

Here are 2 letters I wrote and sent: The first is to Dawn dish soap, who are a subsidiary company of the evil P&G, and the second is to P&G themselves:

Letter 1:

How do you get off lying to the public with the shit about caring for animals when you are part of P&G, the world's biggest animal rights abuser!!

In your stupid commercials for your dish soap, where we openly see animal cruelty, as the animals are covered and then washed of the grease, you have carefully omitted the fact that a) you do, in fact support animal cruelty and torture, and that b) the Gulf oil spill is great for your business. You might as well just say, " Yay BP, and thanks for sending us more business."

Why don't you get really honest and tell people what really goes on behind the closed and locked P&G lab doors ? Tell people, in your dish soap commercials how many animals were tortured until they passed out and died so your soap could be market-ready?

Letter 2
So, Proctor and Gamble,
How does it make you, each and every one of you who works in your labs and the desk-job types ,as well, to know that animals are being tortured, and killed and each and every one of you openly allows this, or by your silence, are complacent as well.

Your organization is responsible for torture and murder of hundreds and thousands of animals!
How does it make you feel when you hear the screaming and crying of animals suffocating and choking to death?
How does it make you feel to smell the animals' bodies when they have died and have been forgotten and have begun rotting?
How does it make you feel to watch a bunny, a kitty, a dog, a ferret a monkey, a rat, or any other animal have chemicals poured into her or his eyes, to be injected with poison, to be cut open?

You, each and every one of you Proctor and Gamble workers are as horrendous as nazis. Using the gas chamber and trying to justify it.
What if these animals were your children?

Dawn dish soap, openly shows images of animal cruelty, (that's the P&G way, isn't it?) as the animals are covered and then washed of the grease, you have carefully omitted the fact that a) you do, in fact support animal cruelty and torture, and that b) the Gulf oil spill is great for your business. You might as well just say, " Yay BP, and thanks for sending us more business."

Why don't you get really honest and tell people what really goes on behind the closed and locked P&G lab doors ? Tell people, in your dish soap commercials how many animals were tortured until they passed out and died so your soap could be market-ready?

Proctor and Gamble, start telling the truth and end the tortures now!

Animal Activist

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An ode to Talib's lyrics' and Rising up Against Oppression

Most people, especially groups that seem to need to cling to their religion in order to maintain their sense of victim-hood, always feel justified in clinging so hardcore to 'being a minority' or slave and victim of "the system".

Which translates into , "Boo-hoo, the government isn't helping me , or giving to me, or acknowledging me as a victim."
But in the meantime,what are you doing to help you? Certainly there is corruption on many levels in corporate, government bodies; one such form is worldwide, systemic misogyny.

Women still earn less than men, regardless of education or position. Naturally, governments, made up primarily of white males, or even just males, period, don't want the boat to be rocked, and order or patriarchy to turn into anarchy or ( gasp!) matriarchy? So, they do nothing . They, the good, white men in power don't want to legislate to make equal pay a law. Or for that matter, they don't want to make gender pricing, illegal, either. Why would they want want to do such a radical thing and actually say " Hey the king is very naked, and therefore, paid nothing compared to his wife who had to pay ...a king's ransom for her clothes!"

Even though gender pricing is complete and total sexist shit, governments pretend it's all about market economics and supply and demand.
Yes, that's why 3 pairs of men's wool dress socks cost me $15, versus the women's cotton socks, which were being sold for $25. A woman watched me pick the men's socks up and wondered why I was going to buy them. I explained to her that a) I'm saving $10 and b) if they happened to be too large, I could always shrink them. She was shocked!
Most people don't have the courage to challenge the ingrained sexism we are supposed to assume is all part of the "mystique" of being female.

Women will foolishly, and seemingly, gladly, pay more for things like razors, face cream, haircuts, and some clothes because, first of all, don't all women love shopping? And secondly, why wouldn't we want to look our best, darn it!

Part of our mystique, which is just another way to say that women really are 'rare and delicate flowers who are mysterious and emotional creatures' lies in the fact that we "need to" maintain ourselves in a certain way and only those (more expensive ) items will help us maintain our "feminine mystique", this also includes not questioning why your haircut is $20-$25 more than a man's.
How could this mystique be maintained if we totally equalized ourselves and all started demanding the end to gender pricing and then
en- masse, started buying from the men's sections? I can say from my personal experience, there is really nothing delicate nor mysterious about being a hardcore feminist!

So, while men are earning more, and saving shit loads, women, who earn less, pay
way more for the same or very similar items.


Though because we, as women have been oppressed for so fucking long, (see above as good on-going examples of our continued oppression) we have learned how to raise our voices and scream about the injustices that happen everyday, or second, because we live in a patriarchy!

The waves of the women's movement have helped to empower us to not have to be or feel like we are victims. Instead, it has allowed me, for example, to boldly use the men's bathroom when there is a huge line for the women's. Sure I may get funny stares, but my bladder feels much better. I have also learned how to tell- off lecherous men on public transportation, in my loudest voice:) The ogler sometimes tries yelling back, to which I respond by cussing him audibly. Or, more often he looks ashamed and the other women sitting around me smile a victory smile, as if to say, "Finally, someone put that shit in his place."

There is a clear distinction between being or having been victimized and
always feeling like a victim. As we see in the 2 lines below by Talib Kweli which are all about the continued culture of victim-hood that many black people dwell in. Most people want to play the victim, and stay victims.

I love these two lines! They are so true. They are from two separate songs, but both are from the album
Reflection Eternal).

"These cats drink champagne to toast death and pain, like slaves on a ship, talkin' 'bout, who got the fliest chain." song: Africa Dream

" I looked in your eyes and I saw the shame, y'all don't know that our greatness came before the chain" song: Eternalist

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Passed 2,000!

So, I've gone beyond 2,000 signatures!! I have a total of 2,210, with the petition having been re-posted now 10 times. It kind of galls me though, I have to say, that I have had to post and post this petition urging the Canadian Government to include animal rights in the constitution, and it's moving at a turtle's pace.

I'm grateful that it is moving, but upset that key animal rights orgs won't sign it and/or post it on their websites, with such lame-ass excuses, like, ' we don't have any space on our site.' Yeah bloody right.

Why can a petition written by someone who can't spell to save their life and be about a silly topic like saving the blobfish, yes, this is in fact a real petition, get way more signatures in one go then all of mine re-posted?!

Not impressed.

Lastly, the new kitten has adjusted well. She's sleeping next to me on the couch though my big bear of a kitty isn't so keen on her, at all.