Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, July 18, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Luckily I’m not a gambler, cuz I really didn’t call the winner of this year’s World Cup.

I thought America would come out the victors, against Japan, because they had been so strong and focused,but, alas, they ended up, well, sucking to be perfectly frank.

In the second half of official extra time, the American coach replaced Rapinoe, with a no name brand. Then, when both teams ended up having to penalty kick for the win, the American team didn’t powwow with their coach at all, as the Japanese did, nor did they have a detailed game plan, mapped out, as the Japanese also did. What they did do was put two complete duds up on their five- person shoot-out roster, Boxx, and a bloody bench warmer with a boy’s name.

All the same, it was an exciting game to watch, even with the frustrating decisions made. It was a sold out stadium, with a record-breaking number of over 48,000 people in attendance, including Germany’s Chancellor, whose birthday it was.

This was the very first televised Women’s World Cup. The number of supporters in the host country, Germany, and world-wide was, apparently, phenomenal, but, really, this shouldn’t be shocking news, this is common sense.

The men’s Cup has been in existence since the 1930’s. It took the men who formed FIFA another 60, yes, 60 damn years to allow women to play in their own Cup, so we haven’t wasted a single second, and can finally show the world “that we are the strongest people in the world.” ( a quote from M. Angelou, from ‘ I know why the caged bird sings)

Somehow, people still want to hold on to old stupid thinking that says that women shouldn’t be aggressive, athletic, competitive, and most of all, self-assured!

Congratulations Japan! You held on , you played hard, and won a major victory, not just for your country, but for all women!!

In four years time, the Cup will be traveling here, to Canada, and I plan on attending, but, I feel pretty certain, that as usual, it will be in Vancouver, can nothing ever come to Toronto?

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