Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Totalitarianism Comes To Toronto

So, I created a new petition last night to have Toronto's mayor, rob ford, impeached. Why do I care?

Well, for starters, I live here, and didn't vote for such a piece of filth who wants to either privatize all major essential services or just completely eliminate them.
I had originally posted my petition at Care2 under the category of politics, sub-category, progressive, but hadn't received any signatures, save for my own. So, I have changed the category, in hopes of getting signatures and attention drawn to this increasingly desperate situation.

Even Margaret Atwood, the doyenne of Canadian writing, has been actively tweeting against ford, and has asked her legion of followers to sign a petition to save Toronto's libraries from ford's chopping block. To her tweets, the retard proudly retorted that if she were to walk through his neighbourhood, he wouldn't recognize her , because he doesn't know who she is. As unshocking as that is, all I want to know is, why would you be proud to be a cro-magnon man?

Instead of just giving you just the link to my petition, which I have done below, I have included the whole text, also.

The Petition

Rob Ford began his mayoral campaign with the public learning that he had beaten his wife and been charged for it, twice.

This same boor now wants to do as much damage as possible to Toronto, including cutting funding for the Arts, as usual, closing and privatizing as many services and attractions as possible.

A Councillor in Ford's government, Frances Nunziata, wants to shut down Toronto Animal Services (TAS), yet another essential service here in the city of Toronto to be axed adding the growing list of services slated for removal, all in the so-called name of savings.

I was not aware that the mayor also wants to close the Zoo, and , in keeping with Ford's blatant homophobia, he does not want to give funding to AIDS foundations, and among the many, many atrocities listed in a very detailed article in The National Post, he wants to remove "last resort" dental care for those in dire, financial need.

Here's the report:

Ford's totalitarian desire to privatize most major services and attractions in the city is not only disturbing, but very dangerous for the health, well-being and overall strength of the city's morale.

From the desire to privatize our TTC, to the new issue of wanting to close or privatize Toronto Public Libraries is a very frightening prospect for Toronto.

Once government-run services are made private, by greedy, misguided politicians, a city looses its democracy, it looses its identity and will become just like an American ghetto- where corrupt governments seek to maintain a very distinct us versus them ethos, and, essential services fall to the way side.

In the latest not shocking, but disgusting acts from the mayor, he gave the finger to a mother and her daughter who disapproved of his talking on his cell phone, by giving him the thumbs down, while he was driving.

In short, Rob Ford wants to turn Toronto into a third world city, where only the wealthy will be able to afford most services that we have all been either able to afford or have been assisted with through government funding which is why we all pay taxes.

This is unacceptable!

We, the undersigned Torontonians call for the immediate impeachment of Rob Ford.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mourning for Norway

Candles for the people of Norway, for their loss and pain ( I found this photo, online, it's not mine, just so it's clear)

So, what the fuck? Norway?! 87 people have been killed( now, the most recent update is 93 deaths )why, because some fucking insane "right wing extremist" felt, what? threatened, by the social democracy of the country?
Right wing extremist is another way to say full-on fucking racist. BBC kept calling the murderer an "ethnic Norwegian", not realizing, I suppose, that that has a different meaning from how they were intending it to be meant. Ethic always means not originally from the country in question, but, in fact in this case, it's just the opposite, the psycho is Norwegian. So, instead of having said ethnic Norwegian, they should have said, "native born, Norwegian"

All the same, the country and all of Scandinavia has been rocked to it's core, and will probably never feel as safe ever again.One reporter referred to the violence- the bombings and the shootings, as a loss of innocence for Norway, and s/he's right. Though, I heard the speech the Norwegian P.M made and I liked it, he urged his country to not cave in to fear.

In other news, two days ago we had 38 degree
Celsius weather here, in Toronto..yay, I loved it, but we've had no rain or well over a month..come on rain!

Lastly, please sign:

Monday, July 18, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Luckily I’m not a gambler, cuz I really didn’t call the winner of this year’s World Cup.

I thought America would come out the victors, against Japan, because they had been so strong and focused,but, alas, they ended up, well, sucking to be perfectly frank.

In the second half of official extra time, the American coach replaced Rapinoe, with a no name brand. Then, when both teams ended up having to penalty kick for the win, the American team didn’t powwow with their coach at all, as the Japanese did, nor did they have a detailed game plan, mapped out, as the Japanese also did. What they did do was put two complete duds up on their five- person shoot-out roster, Boxx, and a bloody bench warmer with a boy’s name.

All the same, it was an exciting game to watch, even with the frustrating decisions made. It was a sold out stadium, with a record-breaking number of over 48,000 people in attendance, including Germany’s Chancellor, whose birthday it was.

This was the very first televised Women’s World Cup. The number of supporters in the host country, Germany, and world-wide was, apparently, phenomenal, but, really, this shouldn’t be shocking news, this is common sense.

The men’s Cup has been in existence since the 1930’s. It took the men who formed FIFA another 60, yes, 60 damn years to allow women to play in their own Cup, so we haven’t wasted a single second, and can finally show the world “that we are the strongest people in the world.” ( a quote from M. Angelou, from ‘ I know why the caged bird sings)

Somehow, people still want to hold on to old stupid thinking that says that women shouldn’t be aggressive, athletic, competitive, and most of all, self-assured!

Congratulations Japan! You held on , you played hard, and won a major victory, not just for your country, but for all women!!

In four years time, the Cup will be traveling here, to Canada, and I plan on attending, but, I feel pretty certain, that as usual, it will be in Vancouver, can nothing ever come to Toronto?

Lastly, please don't forget the animals: sign my petitions.

The link below is my petition asking for animals to be covered under Canada's provincial health care acts. Within the body of that petition is another link..sign both:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Game

So, I watched my second match of this current World Cup tonight. That's right, only my second game. I wrote a letter to the CBC re: their lack of coverage and hype for this tournament. I've added it at the end.

Tonight's match was amazing. I usually am not an American supporter, as I am Canadian, but the team was incredible-- ball handling, team playing , defense and offense. America played against filthy brazil, and beat them, and will now move on to the semi-finals this coming Wednesday.
I should just add, that it was just by sheer fluke that I happened upon finding a game tonight. My mom and I excitedly watched it. America overcame the bullshit attitude of the opposing team, who all looked like street thugs, and 2 rounds of extra over-time, and even an idiotic ref, who carded America's goalie for moving, yes, moving along her goal crease.. I've never even heard if that. Then again the ref also carded a player on the other team for taking too long to make a penalty kick..I've also never seen that happen.

The British commentator was clearly an American fan, and said that America had set a new standard in World Cup playing! The Americans didn't whinge even once,unlike their sore-losing opponents, who play dirty; they just kept on playing, even when the other team deliberately fouled on them, and then were given not one but 2 penalty kicks back to back when America's goal keeper was carded. Oh, and anther exiting point was that the stadium was sold out, almost 26,000 people were there, and from what I could see, it looked as if people were standing in the stairways. Impressive!!!

Here, as promised is my letter to the CBC:

To whom it may concern, ( sent via the cbc comments page, website

Friday, July 1, 2011

I am very angry that the CBC doesn't value women. This has been made evedent by the fact that while the World Cup 2011 (Women's Soccer) is currently happening,the CBC has not been showing the games, nor hyping up the event itself, as is normally the case with the men's World Cup. Why is that, are strong, clothed women just not cool?

This World Cup is supposed to be ground-breaking in that it's supposedly being televised, but where, and by whom?

If TV stations, especially the CBC and other media outlets openly shun women and refuse to acknowledge this event by not reporting the games and playing the games, what message does this continue to send to girls and women as well as men, both the allies and misogynists?


In other news, I've created a new petition calling for pets in Canada to be covered under our existing provincial health care policies, too. Here's the link