Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mourning for Norway

Candles for the people of Norway, for their loss and pain ( I found this photo, online, it's not mine, just so it's clear)

So, what the fuck? Norway?! 87 people have been killed( now, the most recent update is 93 deaths )why, because some fucking insane "right wing extremist" felt, what? threatened, by the social democracy of the country?
Right wing extremist is another way to say full-on fucking racist. BBC kept calling the murderer an "ethnic Norwegian", not realizing, I suppose, that that has a different meaning from how they were intending it to be meant. Ethic always means not originally from the country in question, but, in fact in this case, it's just the opposite, the psycho is Norwegian. So, instead of having said ethnic Norwegian, they should have said, "native born, Norwegian"

All the same, the country and all of Scandinavia has been rocked to it's core, and will probably never feel as safe ever again.One reporter referred to the violence- the bombings and the shootings, as a loss of innocence for Norway, and s/he's right. Though, I heard the speech the Norwegian P.M made and I liked it, he urged his country to not cave in to fear.

In other news, two days ago we had 38 degree
Celsius weather here, in Toronto..yay, I loved it, but we've had no rain or well over a month..come on rain!

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