Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!!

I'm listening to flourishing piano and watching blossoms on the trees sway, almost in time.
I have kittens to attend to...

Happy May Day, by the way!

In other news, what gives with this crazy 'swine flu'? You think it'll turn people vegetarian? Or at least pork-free, and loving it. I say, save our pigs, not because, as religious patriarchal idiots believe, pigs are 'dirty', but because genetically they are so similar to us, that eating pig can be seen as eating a cousin; I'm not sure if that's first or second cousin, but all the same.

And anyway, what the hell makes a pig any more dirty than say, oh, I don't Geesus, we are grotesque, pigs are elegant. That stupid religious concept of 'dirty' stems from the fact that no one wanted to eat roting meat, or something pretty standard, but I still don't see why the pig gets insulted in the mix. Though, in truth I shouldn't complain too much, or even at all, because as long as the religious types see pig as 'dirty' it means the pig has that many fewer enemies to contend with, and that means more life for pigs!