Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Friday, April 29, 2011

I love the Golden Girls!

I love The Golden Girls! I just saw 2 episodes. I haven't watched the show for years!
Rose says: " I don't want to toot my own gerflergurhugen" and then 'Ma' says, " I can't even reach mine." ! Gold! I laughed so hard.

Have yet to see The Wedding in it's entirety. Hopefully tonight it will be aired again.
Though I did see the part where The Prince struggled quite visibly getting ye old ring onto the about-to-be princess's- finger. I bet she's pregnant, hence her swollen finger and also the reason why everything was so rushed. They sort of out of the blue announced their engagement and then only four months later are married. I find it a bit suspicious...
Four months doesn't seem a long time to plan a Royal Wedding.

Please remember the animals, and take a second to sign my petitions.
The Boycott GoDaddy petition has a link to my petition Put Animal Rights in Canada's Constitution. Please sign them both.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something to sadly rival BP

The acronym BP now stands for one of the biggest oil spill-water-animal-earth murder ever, outside of Exxon Valdez, and their commitment to murder.

Thanks to an incredible doc I watched last night on APTN, I learned a lot.

I learned that in 2006 a ferry, called the Queen of The North, carrying cargo, fuel, cars and people, sank. The ferry was traveling from Prince Rupert back to Vancouver Island and hit a rock and ended up sinking.

I also learned about a small First Nations community located in Hartley Bay, BC, called the Gitga’at.

From the beginning of time, the Gitga’at people have existed in their Territory on what is now British Columbia's northwest coast. The wellbeing of their people is intricately related to the health of their lands, waters, and resources, and the community continues to work to sustain their abundance and richness. Gitga’at culture is strengthening, and traditional practices continue to shape day to day life in the village.

Opportunities exist for visitors to share cultural, wildlife, and other types of experiences in Gitga’at territory, which is home to some of the most spectacular scenery, captivating wildlife, and rich historical and cultural sites in the world.” (

The local Gitga’at community came out in full and were able to save all but 2 people aboard the sinking Queen of the North. When the ship sank, everything sank with it, and it has remained 1,300 feet below the water, off the coast of Hartley Bay, the home of the Gitga’at people.

The most disturbing part of the whole story is that previous to 2006, the community of Hartley Bay was pristine . Now not only does it have permanent and continuous toxic leakage from the huge ferry, which the government of BC refuses to move, the government has also told people the toxins are safe and won’t affect them.

The fact that the ship sunk and is still there without even having had it’s fuel and the fuel of the cargo it was carrying drained is both sad and ridiculously insane. The motto for the province of BC is, “The Best Place to Live”, but that seems highly debatable when old growth rain forests, scared land, and waters are seen as commodities and are being destroyed so fast.

Adding more insult to it all, a sacred temperate rain forest we call in English "The Great Bear Rainforest”, which is an old-growth forest on the west coast of BC, is being clear cut at such an alarming rate. It is the home to many threatened species, among which is the Spirit Bear, an all-white bear, which comes from the same family as the black bear.

And , lest we forget that black bears are still under siege as they are here in Ontario; they are allowed to be killed, murdered for “sport”. This barbarism is called 'trophy hunting'. I wish bears carried tek-9s.

To sum up: a once clean, beautiful area is now threatened in many ways, because of the greedy, selfishness of the governments actions or inactions. The Gitga’at people have been living with and off the land for thousands of years, and now they and they beings they share the land with are in grave danger.

Another group of BC First Nations people, called the Haida, who live in the islands called Haida Gwaii, which are just below Alaska, are fighting to maintain their way of life and the beauty of the land they live with. The Government wants to pipe oil to their islands. They are vehemently opposed.

“Alex Rinfret, September 2, 2009, Charlotte Island Observer--Plans by a Calgary company to pipe crude oil to Kitimat, allowing it to be shipped through north coast waters, are "ludicrous" and "unbelievable", and will never be allowed to happen, says Haida Nation president Guujaaw.

Speaking to two top executives from Enbridge Inc. at a public gathering in Skidegate Friday (Aug. 28), Guujaaw said the project would put the entire Haida way of life at risk for nothing more than the chance for investors and company officials to make money.

Guujaaw said islanders learned first-hand from Prince William Sound people who visited Haida Gwaii earlier this year what happens when an oil spill contaminates the ocean and coastline.

"Those people lost their traditional ways, lost their access to food," he said, following the crash of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker in 1989, the effects of which are still being felt.

Guujaaw said no one should believe company promises that an oil spill would be immediately contained and that compensation would be paid for any environmental damage.

The Alaskan people are still waiting for compensation, he said. And it would be impossible to move fast enough to contain a spill in the isolated and storm-prone north coast waters.”(

Remember my petition, please:( by signing this you can also go to my petition asking for federal rights and protections for Canada's animals: Boycott GoDaddy Now!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's funny, yesterday was Easter Monday, and the day before was, therefore Easter itself, but somehow I felt cheated. Why, you ask? Well, I guess it’s that I’ve come to rely on the comforting fact that Google will quietly celebrate all big, and even obscurely small occasions with us all. Alas, there was no Easter bunny or even just a little basket to hint at it being Easter. There was nothing at all.

Today Google let’s all the world know that it’s the Audobon guy’s birthday, and somehow this is bigger than Easter?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prelude to the music

I was going to get all hard core and write big-deal stuff, but truly, I didn't sleep well and I can't deal with that today so instead, music that I love. Enjoy!
( Ok, otherwise I'll feel guilty of i exclude my, here we are: Boycott GoDaddy Now!)

Tanya Stephens - Goggle

One of my favourite songs..ever!

"Cuz im hav up a flex like a retard..."
Enough said

Lady Saw - Sycamore Tree

Same theme as Goggle, but I love them all the same.

Barrington Levy - Be Strong

Garnet Silk "Splashing Dashing"

Just niceness..This makes me happy!

African Herbsman-Bob Marley

I fucking love this song!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Think for Yourself and Question Authority!

When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition until death do them part. [G.B. Shaw]

It's a pretty funny quote, and not for nothing Mr. Shaw was married, but he was clearly a realist.

I'm re-reading, Anne Frank "The Diary of a young Girl". I first read it when I was about 12. Each time I read it, I want to hope it's fiction, that it ends well and that they all escape.

Though reality is different and harder. Both Canada and the States had very anti-Semitic policies and many Jewish people who had come to North America from Europe trying to escape hitler, (or Canada's modern day Harper..think about it..) were turned away at the borders, and sent back to their countries to their deaths.

Here's an excerpt from Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl"

"Friday, 9, October,1942
Dear Kitty,
I've only got dismal news for you today. Our many Jewish friends are being taken away by the dozen. These people are treated by the Gestapo without a shred of decency, being loaded into the cattle trucks and sent to Westerbork, the big Jewish camp in Drente.Westerbork sounds terrible: only one washing cubicle for a hundred people and not nearly enough lavatories...The English radio speaks of their being gassed.
Perhaps that is the quickest way to die. I feel terribly upset."
(Anne Frank The diary of a Young Girl, Pocket Books, New York, 1953, pgs 34-5)

The outcome
Click on the link above to go to a website called The Secret Annex Online. It's an amazing site,and among other pieces of information, you can watch an interview with Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, on the right - hand side of the page, it's called Otto Frank Tells His story. It's a beautiful interview.

And here is another wonderful interview with Mr. Frank (on youtube)


The horror of the Holocaust can happen again, anywhere. Amsterdam was a big, modern city, and yet, people were shot, dragged off and killed in that city, among many others.
The Holocaust and other similar evils were and are able to happen because people become afraid to question authority and they don't stand up and yell!

"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people."
Martin Luther King

Stand up and vote against the Conservative party.. and remember my petitions..
Put Animal Rights in Canada's Constitution
Boycott GoDaddy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's like wildfire, baby

Booyah! In just 5 days, my petition, Boycott GoDaddy Now has over 1, 140 signatures from around the world. I have done zero promoting of it.
If enough people hit that dirty fuck Parsons and his ass-company where it will really do some damage, his wallet, then we can collectively bankrupt GoDaddy!

Lest we forgot my main animal rights petition, Put Animal Rights in Canada's Constitution! This is the biggest of all of my 17 editions of that petition. This one has over 1,000 signatures, and in total this whole petition has over 6,000 signatures.
I've piggy backed this petition on to the Boycott one, at the end.

Keep signing :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fast's done!

I did it! I've finished my first 24 hour fast.. but, I have to say, in the end, wasn't that big deal, but there it is. Ok, yes I was really hungry at times, but I can guarantee that I was not even remotely as hungry as say, the elephant that wandered in to the village in Zimbabwe looking for food and was killed for being hungry.

White colonialism; which is also another way of saying patriarchy, still has the final fucking word.

( and here's the seamless segue...)

In other news, I've created a new petition to boycott the web-hosting site GoDaddy. If you haven't heard, yet, the monster of a CEO shot and purposely killed an elephant in Zimbabwe. WTF!! Elephants are classified as endangered on that continent.
( nice segue, huh?)
Here's the link
At the bottom of this petition you will find my original animal rights in the Canadian Constitution petition link.