Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fast's done!

I did it! I've finished my first 24 hour fast.. but, I have to say, in the end, wasn't that big deal, but there it is. Ok, yes I was really hungry at times, but I can guarantee that I was not even remotely as hungry as say, the elephant that wandered in to the village in Zimbabwe looking for food and was killed for being hungry.

White colonialism; which is also another way of saying patriarchy, still has the final fucking word.

( and here's the seamless segue...)

In other news, I've created a new petition to boycott the web-hosting site GoDaddy. If you haven't heard, yet, the monster of a CEO shot and purposely killed an elephant in Zimbabwe. WTF!! Elephants are classified as endangered on that continent.
( nice segue, huh?)
Here's the link
At the bottom of this petition you will find my original animal rights in the Canadian Constitution petition link.


  1. What a jerk!!! Elephants are the most awesome creatures :(

  2. I know..a full ass is what he is, and that he's so fucking proud. Wow, well the petition has a life of its own..I'm pleased it's doing so well.