Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A plaintive crow

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A sad day.

As I made my way home, earlier, I heard the call of a crow. At first I fitted the sound into the category of 'background noises', and took it for granted.

I finally looked up and saw an enchanting image; a lone crow sitting atop a dying northern Ontario pine, cawing plaintively, desperately. No one answered. S/he then swooped down to a lower bough, and continued to caw, hoping someone would return the call. Nothing.

No one else but me stopped to bare witness to the destruction we have wreaked on the crow population of this fair city.

Ever since bloody SARS and then that "bird flu", we have been massacring birds, especially "scavenger" birds, such as crows, at such an alarming rate, that hearing any at all again in this city is a joyful miracle; even if it may be the only one for kilometres, and therefore desperately alone.

Both SARS and the bird flu shit and even the pig flu all, in fact, stem from human filthiness. We give these pandemics animal names, to take the onus off of us, but they were all the result of human beings who missed day one in kindergarten: wash your hands! Keep your area clean and tidy.

I think most people forget how crucial kindergarten really is. If only we could send all our politicians back to kindergarten.