Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shameful Things

I found this photo online, I can't remember the site I got it from. I'm using it because  a) I think it's awesome, and b) Shame on Uganda, indeed!

 Uganda is hoping that the world turns a blind eye to its evil of making being queer a crime punishable by death.

Nigeria too wants to criminalize being queer, including ending funding to queer rights organizations, so that queer people will be even more marginalized in that region of the world.

Now, on to Israel. So, Hamas, a militant, anti-Israel hate group and the State of Israel have agreed to an imposed cease-fire. Ok, fine. Though, here are the facts. Hamas has launched over 420 missiles into Israel, 420!! Israel has a kick-ass defense system and has stopped many of the missiles from entering the rest of the country.

Apart from Palestinians feeling justified in their vicious hate, with Hamas heading it all, the whole fucking world is totally biased against the state of Israel.
Two things: 1) Palestine is not a country. This fact has been recognized by the UN.
                     2) Anti-Jewish hate continues to frighteningly rise around the world. Organizations that sound legit, such as The World Social Forum, which I had to look up, and learned about in the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal newsletter, will be all about helping Palestine , at the event being hosted by Brazil, this year. What’s more, my idiot country is sending a rep. to the Forum from the postal worker's union. Why? What the hell do postal workers have to do with hate -based politics?! Moreover, postal workers are federal agents, ergo, our government is surreptitiously saying that it, in fact, doesn't support Israel, though, outwardly it says it does.

Ok three things: Israel not only has every right to defend itself, it is the ONLY country in that entire region of the world where queer rights exist.
This article outlines the politics of queer rights in Israel. 

Israel, unlike all of its Muslim neighbouring countries, and area=Palestine, is very supportive of women's rights, and women's equality (the political Hasidim notwithstanding).

Here's an article written by a woman living in Israel working for the US-based National Council for Jewish Women, about women's reproductive rights in Israel.

This past year Israel created a law banning underweight models from working. This made headlines, no other country has followed suit..yet?

Israel also rallies for the rights of non-human animals.

Last year, Israel outlawed the declawing of cats! Canada, among many countries, has yet to follow.

Here’s an article about the woman who founded the Israeli SPCA

That Israel fights back is a given. Violence and war are horrible realities, made worse by the fact that , in the case of Israel, that country has been having to defend its existence even before it was declared a nation-state. For all the shit that gets talked about that country, Israel unlike all the Muslims in the area is not a medieval throwback of a country where being queer will get you murdered, or where you will get stoned to death for, say, looking at someone you aren't married to.

Here in Toronto we have a hate group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid that has been marching in Toronto's Gay Pride parade for the past few years.  Friends of Simon Wiesenthal ( FSW) has been denouncing that group as a hate group. Pride receives funding for the parade, and FSW has been asking the city to revoke funding to the parade if it continues to support hate. To date, the group is still being permitted to march in the upcoming parade this Summer. 
 This link  gives clear facts about what has been going on recently in Israel and the Gaza zone.

Ignorance and sheer biased stupidity continue to fuel people's warped realities about Israel. Israel not only has no allies in its region, but, fewer and fewer people and countries and organizations choose to publicly lend their voice in support of the Jewish state and its right to exist, and that's what this is all about. 

I remember once, some years ago, talking about Israel with someone I worked with. I was shocked when he said that Jewish people didn't need Israel, they had Canada or Argentina as places to live. I was livid. He believed that Israel should  belong to the Muslims, or more rightly, the Islamists=Palestinians, and because the Jewish people had displaced them ,they, he felt, should leave. 

Sadly, I think many people similarly to him;that even after all the horrors of the Holocaust, Jewish people still don't belong in Israel. Israel is a Jewish state; it is the only one in the world. There are 50 Muslim states in the world, Palestine is not one of them because it is not a state. Israel has to constantly defend itself  against all the Muslim countries, not just because it exists, but because it exits among so much anti-Jewish hate. We can't say anti- Semitism when so many of those who hate Israel are also Semites.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I knew that Barack Obama would win, though, I'll admit I was getting scared early on last night as the polls started to close, and the grand dragon seemed to be in the lead. Well, not for long! 

 Indeed, Obama is the voice for change and progressive actions for America. He won by more than 80,000 votes, say some analysts, or more than 100 electoral college votes; not counting the states that hadn't finished counting their ballots by the time he went past 270 to sweep to his victory!

Obama has done for America and voter turn out, especially among Black and other non-white voters, what Nelson Mandela did for his people during his election in apartheid stricken South Africa. Both men mobilized the masses, and got people  especially of colour to the polls, in droves. Both encouraged the "forgotten masses" to vote by using tools that are accessible to all. 

In his first term, Obama got people to the polls en masse, by heavily relying on social media as an important communication tool. His campaign was all about creating clear communication, and making himself accessible. It worked, he won. 

In 1994, Mandela got Black people to the polls for the very first time in South Africa's very racist history. Most of the rural people were illiterate, and wouldn't be able to read a ballot card, so the ANC created a ballot card with all the candidates colour photos on it. That was ingenious, and history was created, as South Africa finally had it's first leader of colour!
                      South African ballot card, from 1994
Obama, true to his words, always manages to get people "fired up, ready to go!", to quote him. This time around people knew how life-or-death this election was, and astoundingly waited in line for as long as 6 hours, or more, to cast their ballots. 6 hours! That's unheard of in first world countries, isn't it? But then again, a nation of 300,000,000 people battling issues that are usually reserved for the third world knew what the outcome would be if they didn't choose the only person with a feminist agenda, a socialist agenda, and an agenda of compassion, and direct action.
Thankfully, Obama's words fired people  up enough  and created an important impact   because Americans were sure not going to let a sheet wearing dragon called mitten win.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some friends I made on my trip to Scotland

On my recent trip to Scotland, I made some cute friends; the 
 humans I met weren't nearly as cute.
This is a Highland cow, I've forgotten her name but she's 1 and a half. How cute?!

 This little cutie would greet me everyday by running full-tilt at me, which scared the crap out of me at first, until I realized that she was waiting for snacks. She would run, and come right up to me licking her little lips, waiting. Her little friends would stand further afield licking their lips too. She did get snacks from me:)Her friends didn't because they were too shy to really come close, and if I went too close to them they would trot away.
 I love this wee dog, Saffie. She walked me everywhere, showed me her belly, and even protected me from a big, scary biting dog!
How witchy and cute!