Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More about my website

So, an update. I have once again updated my website. And learned/ taught myself all kinds of cool shit.

But, the most interesting, and, albeit shitty part of this experience/journey has been how jealous men are, and when they become jealous they lash out. I posted the link to my website on some  photo groups, on good ol' Linkedin, and in those groups I have received a fricking helluva lot of shit "comments" both at Linkedin and on my site, where I am able to delete them, which I have done.

 I finally realized I could have comments flagged on Linkedin.  The comment I flagged was by a man who was not only totally rude and condescending, but I felt like he's been stalking me. He made mention of another art site where I had my website and some photos posted ( I've since, as 2 days ago now, closed that account down, for good, and erased my photos, etc.). And now he has just happened to have found me at Linkedin and took it upon himself to tell me why my site is not good.

People will always exist to stop others, to try and hurt them, put them down, and rear their ugly, jealous heads. Those people are, 9 times out of ten, men. To anyone who wants to differ with me, I'll say that I have only received positive comments and support from women re: my art, and my site.

The negativity, the " I want to teach you what's wrong with your site" etc. kind of crap, is always from men.
In the latest of the shit comments, I received yet another "here's what doesn't work for me.." on Sunday. I haven't decided to respond, ignore or what.What I guess I have to laugh at is that these idiots feel the need to put me and my work down in such time-consuming detail. They have nothing else to do?

I'm tired of that kind of man; the asshole who feels so pathetic he's got to try and take others down with him.

It's not something I expected, to put my website link up on photo forums and to have so much shit said about it; personal attacks. Kinda bullshit especially on a site aimed at linking people together for career advancement and all. It only shows that these peons are only able to say mean things because they can hide behind a computer screen.