Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Animals strike back!

I saw that same, lone crow today. I think her/his wing is tagged. It made me so sad to see her/him flying in circles and crying and cawing and shouting for someone to call back. But no one did.

In other news,
A whale decided he had had enough bull shit and killed a human trainer at seaworld.
Good! Who the fuck do we, collective, think we are?!
We abduct animals from their homes,which is a very colonial, man-centred approach to being in the world; to dominate, sell, torture and abuse animals and then wonder,
"Why on earth did that whale (in this case) attack?" Fuck isn't the whale happy living his life in a glass cage, on constant display.

If you need to ask that question, then you really don't deserve the air you breathe.

Have a look at this video, wherein animals in captivity say, " No fucking more!!" to their captors.
The best way to watch it is with the sound off to to avoid the shit "music" and the ass-commentary.
To be frank, these videos make me pretty sad because even though animals are getting a little bit of revenge, it hurts to see them tied, and chained up.

This brings me to my petition..asking the Canadian Government to include animal rights in the constitution. please sign it. If you have, ask other people to sign it too.
We need to affect change!

P.s I just clicked on the link and the page it took me to said the page i have been looking for has been moved...I've now fixed it, so I hope all goes and stays well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A plaintive crow

(please keep signing and telling others to sign my petition asking the Canadian Government to include animal rights in the constitution

A sad day.

As I made my way home, earlier, I heard the call of a crow. At first I fitted the sound into the category of 'background noises', and took it for granted.

I finally looked up and saw an enchanting image; a lone crow sitting atop a dying northern Ontario pine, cawing plaintively, desperately. No one answered. S/he then swooped down to a lower bough, and continued to caw, hoping someone would return the call. Nothing.

No one else but me stopped to bare witness to the destruction we have wreaked on the crow population of this fair city.

Ever since bloody SARS and then that "bird flu", we have been massacring birds, especially "scavenger" birds, such as crows, at such an alarming rate, that hearing any at all again in this city is a joyful miracle; even if it may be the only one for kilometres, and therefore desperately alone.

Both SARS and the bird flu shit and even the pig flu all, in fact, stem from human filthiness. We give these pandemics animal names, to take the onus off of us, but they were all the result of human beings who missed day one in kindergarten: wash your hands! Keep your area clean and tidy.

I think most people forget how crucial kindergarten really is. If only we could send all our politicians back to kindergarten.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The day of love

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you find and area able to give some love and happiness today!

Speaking of giving love, remember my petition asking the Canadian Government to include animal rights in the constitution.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cute Animals

Please keep signing my petition asking the Canadian Government to include animal rights in the constitution! Tell people about it !

A wee video of a platypus, from Oz. It makes me happy, is all.
And the second is a mob , which is how a group of kangas is referred to,
Somethings to make today less grey:)
It's nice to harken back to days filled with kangroo sightings.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 mournings

Ok, so we have the magic number three in our death toll.

Beginning with Mary Daly, who died, either January 3rd or January 6th,
of "natural causes", though she was ill for quite a while. I hate the damn internet, nothing is certain, one article says one date another something else, forcing me to put both down. But if January 6th was the real day it would be quite ironic. Because she was born catholic, and the 6th is the epiphany. Perhaps the irony was not lost on her, and she had her own final epiphany as she went. She was 81.

Then Howard Zinn, January 27th, at 87

And finally Jerome David Salinger also on January 27th. He was 91.

I heard nothing anywhere about Mary Daly's death.

A People's History of the United States changed my whole perspective about who writes and tells histories.

Outercourse was almost a private diary from feminist, lesbian scholar, Daly. Recounting the struggle with Boston College who didn't want to give her tenure.

"That winter I was given a one-year terminal contract; that is, I was fired. I did not get an attorney, nor did I compromise in any way. Though I did not yet have the vocabulary to describe the demonic phenomenon of assimilation, I knew the danger and somehow side-stepped it. Although the university never bothered to give nay reason for the termination of our happy relationship, the press and just about everyone else put two and two together. An uppity Second Sex was just too much for the church."
(95-96, Daly,HarperSanFrancisco,1992)

And my favorite short story penned by Jerome will probably always be A Perfect Day For Bananafish.
"Sybil, he said." "I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll see if we can catch a bananafish."
"A what?"
"A bananafish." (
13, Salinger, Little Brown and Company, Nine Stories)

Mary, Howard and Jerome , thank you for giving us more to think about and strive towards. We who loved your work will mourn you deeply.

These three passionate writers, two of whom were also professors, were courageous, brilliant and determined to speak up.

Mary Daly was fired from Boston College for her book "
The Church and the Second Sex, ... but student and public outcry led the Jesuit college to rehire her. She taught there for 33 years."(taken from

Jerome David's Catcher in The Rye was constantly being banned by small-mined biggots who took offense at the language used.

And dear old Howard with his forward thinking, allowed us to see the "other" as us.
Interestingly enough they all resided in the east coast of the U.S.

A typically very liberal area, though, with respect to lesbian and gay rights still being denied in those parts of the U.S., maybe the liberal badge is fading fast.