Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A wee question

So, I don't have a photo, which would be good for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about but I want just to say how everywhere I've been here in good ol' Oz, one can find those horrible 'golliwog' dolls. You know the ones, don't you? The racist caricature from the Noddy books. No one here is even slightly put off by them.

I find them offensive, and disgusting.

What's your opinion?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just about animals ( no catchy title)

The beautiful lady is called Sophie. She's 14 and her best friend is a duck, whose name I didn't get. The duck curls up in Sophie's feet at night:)
And this baby lamby, will be saved from the evil fate of being someone's fucking dinner! When I walked past her she started to cry "maaaa' so I naturally had to give snuggles!

How come we can buy a pet or 'livestock'; a word I hate, because it implies that those beings those animals, are nothing more than things, objects, stock.

The concept of "breaking in" a horse is equally disturbing. As if they are here for our domain; oh wait, I forgot, we are the humans, and therefore have supreme reign,don't we?

Until we have abolished all pet stores, the word livestock, the concept of breaking in a horse, testing on animals of nay kind; and excusing it for scientific research, we will never evolve.

How can we, as a group, meaning humans, even begin to think we are improving, when we continue to look at animals a as unequal, as less than, as, most of the time 'things' that are there to please us, work for us, or feed us from their bodies.

Until we can all, collectively, recognize that animals are our teachers and guides and equals, we are going to continue to suffer for a very long time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi ho Hi ho it's off to follow my heart I go

Mamma and baby!
Her name is Bella, she's a friend I made! She has arthritis and her human starting talking to me about whether or not her $1000 operation was worth it. I said simply, 'She's your family. You spend that money easily on other things.' And he said " You're right."

This is Tiger.
And this is Nessie. Some more friends I
made, just in passing, but aren't they beautiful?

A protest sign at the old parlaiment buildings in Canberra.

People tell me I have a beautiful heart, but it always seems so foolish. I love the way animals just watch you, and gather out of maybe fear and curiosity.

Cows and horses, for example remind me of children the way they shyly walk together to watch you, to see what you are doing, always keeping their distance.

Lately my heart doesn't feel beautiful but sad and overburdened.

I saw a cow, or a de-bulled bull crying, but it was quickly " explained' to me by my supposed bf that it was just the wind causing the tear-like action, right of course, how silly of me to feel that animals can display such deep emotions, like crying. When I was asked why I thought the cow could, in fact, be crying, I answered that it was because he knows what's in store for him; he knows that he's going to be slaughtered and eaten. To this the bf scoffed, naturally, at me and my 'silly', read: deeply feeling heart.

It's hard to stay true to my heart, but I persist.

I find this country, Australia so fucking racist, it's not something I was expecting to find; this much racism, everywhere. It's not something you hear about from all the travel guides you read,
or people who have been; they all seem to leave this major part out.

The part about white colonial rule,that still guides this country very firmly.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Racism: A Many Hated Thing!

" I looked in your eyes I saw the shame, y'all don't know that our greatness came before the chain."
Big up Talib Kweli

Wow!!! I have no idea what to say, rather how to say it, succinctly, so let me just begin, shall I ?
Here, where I have been staying, I was at the dinner table and the discussion turned to 'race'; now I need to mention that everyone here is WASP, and damn proud of it, that would be, everyone save for yours truly, I am neither WASP, nor would I be proud of it.

So, the topic turns to issues of ,well let's be blunt, colour. The father of this family told us all a story about how his grandfather used to work for a licorice company called 'n' word 'boy'.
I was both shocked and disgusted at hearing this word spoken so freely, but, what's worse, this man goes on to say, " I don't see what's wrong with that word." And what was even scarier, neither did anyone else at the table!!!
I did my fucking best to a) not fully lose it and b) put the fucker in his place, by saying how hateful the word is for the connotations of slavery it holds. Nothing. No one cared.

In fact, another member of the table -party told a story about how the people he works with call road signs the 'n'
word, sandwiched between the words black and boy. He said he refused to use that expression but he didn't seem to do much more about it.

I felt like I was in some fucking 1950's kkk meeting. It was sick.

Someone else piped up about how black people call themselves the "n" word, as if to justfy white ass fucks who also use it, and I said so- fucking- what, that we, as non-dark skinned people have absolutely no right EVER to use that hate-filled word. Like that needed to be said though!!!

What truly sickened me the most though is that no one batted an eye at the word being used, or at it's viciousness, or that no one even spoke on the subject of slavery, except me, of course.

And, the dog is still not welcome indoors. She always does come in though, and comes running to me, cuz she sees an ally, WHICH I AM. I get told that I spoil her, but if giving her love is called spoiling her, than I wonder truly what words one could use to describe how the little kid of this family is raised/treated?!!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Outback, baby!

Here are some photos I took of some spots in the wild and elusive outback.

And yes, it is that beautiful!