Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Happy Ending

Five days ago,  a little, adorable kitty with id tag and collar showed up at my house. It’s not normal or usual for a kitty to just leave their home, unless something is up.
For five days, my Mom and I have been trying to find out where the kitty lives, tirelessly. I spent hours on the phone yesterday calling the number on his city issued id tag. A few days earlier, when I first saw the kitty, curled up in a little circle in a pile of leaves at the back, I called the city from the number on his tag, to get told that cats wandering away “is just what cats do.” !!! I was livid. I know cats very well. I have lived with them my whole life. The idiot woman I spoke with at  Toronto Animal Services(TAS) refused to acknowledge that anything was wrong, hence the cat having run away.
I’ve left messages, not one person called me back. I’ve called the Humane Society, who only referred me back to Toronto Animal Services, as did the OSPCA.
Dead ends and frustration!
I had already dubbed kitty “Muffin”, if the need to keep him were to arise.
He’s been sleeping in the backyard. Two nights ago, as the weather turned ferocious, I could hear him screaming outside my window, breaking my heart, but I hoped he would know to go into the garage.
In the morning, when I went to feed our two outside garage girls: a mom and baby- both fixed ,by us btw, Muffin the Mewler was not there.
I figured he had returned home which I was told by the wholly unhelpful people at TAS, was one street away. Well, later in the day, who should appear, but Muffin the Mewler which is not his real name, but, it’s cuter.
Yes, the kitty had returned to our backyard for love and snacks. I tried to keep him out of the garage, but he was having none of it. He warded off the two girls with hisses, and then quickly turned to me for praises.
I tried to let him in to the warm Dogloo, but he had other plans, the garage.
Well, today, my mother decided to pick up where I had left off with trying to find his home.
After another series of calls, she finally made a breakthrough!
As I suspected, he was wearing dog id, because the family dog must have recently passed, which turned out to be a sad truth.
My mother had someone at TAS persist until she realized that the number they had listed for Muffin the Mewler’s mom was not current, so she looked up the address in the online 411 directory, and BINGO!
The mom was called, and within a few minutes called my mom back. Muffin's mom had been so frantic looking for her kitty, she was going to start postering today. We were going to poster the other day, but hadn’t got a photo of the all black kitty yet.
Muffin ran away Thursday, and their dog died Saturday. Muffin and the dog were best friends, so obviously Muffin’s grief was too much, and he left because he didn’t want to see his friend die.
When Muffin’s mom was told about his aggression towards the other cats, she was shocked!
Anyway, to end this saga, of grand proportions, Muffin’s mom was told she could come and get him and that he’s probably be in or around the garage.
He’s been gotten.
How do I know? He’s not here, but in his sweet, little ,loving place, a beautiful card and a pot of flowers, to say thank you for our finally  finding , and being able to contact the mother of Muffin and getting Muffin home.
I love happy cat tales:)