Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks: leak the truth about animal torture!

So, what about these Wikileaks? I want shit leaked about the animal abuse that happens at the hands of governments; NASA, for instance, uses monkeys in different types of experiments. I want the truth to come out about what happens in slaughterhouses, and commercial farms. I want the OSPCA and the ASPCA to leak their horror stories to our man Assange, so the greater public can finally, hopefully realize how sickeningly cruel governments are.

I want "laboratories" that practice animal torture, in "scientific experiments" paid for by governmental agencies such as doctors organizations and health boards, to leak their truths about how pregnant animals uterus's are cut in half and tobacco smoke is pushed into the womb, in order to be able to print the fucking warning label on cigarette boxes.

Dogs are still killed in experiments for cigarette companies . In case anybody still thinks it is a good idea to smoke during pregnancy, monkeys at the federally funded Oregon Regional Primate Research Center are confined in small, barren metal cages, while their fetuses are exposed to nicotine. The baby monkeys, once born, will be killed and examined.
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Animals are used as living battering rams in every capacity inhumanly possible. They are used as impact "dummies" to check car safety (General Motors); this is called "live testing" and has purportedly ended, they are tested on to ensure our hands won't become sensitive to our dish soap, such as Ivory (Procter and Gamble) to vaccines and lipsticks.

Most humans still think they are entitled to assert their human-ness ..or evilness over the earth and the beings that inhabit it, and that we inhabit it with. Most people still justify using animals to test vaccines on, caging them, wearing their bodies and skins and coats, and eating their flesh , which has been killed in horrific ways.

It is crucial to question what we read, find out all the facts, and whose interests are being represented while still continuing to fight for the lives of our friends, the silent masses of torture victims in labs worldwide.