Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It Takes a Village to Raise a Misogynist


Things I overheard today , the eve before my Federal Government decides whether abortion can, and should still be free and available to all women in Canada.

This first conversation snippet I overheard while at Rexall. There were 2 men and a woman, standing in an aisle holding a conversation. One of the men was talking at the top of his lungs:
“...Oh yeah, by the way, this is my wife.” She works for me.” The man who spoke had been talking for about 5 minutes before it dawned on him to vaguely mention “the wife”, no name, nothing else. Mind, she didn’t speak up either. Also notice the preposition he used, "for", not with.

“My wife works for me too” said the other caveman.
One of these two neanderthals, I don't know which, I was in another aisle, then went on to say he had children at home, and kept referring to them as his children, and how he looks after them or sees them when he gets home. I guess the wife of his who also works for him is exempt from “wife duties?” Could it be?

No, it’s just that men are very, very selfish. Men always talk about themselves, first. They see the world in terms of how it relates to them and their viewpoint.
“My kids, my wife…me, me me.”

Same store..while I was at the cash..the man manager to the female cashier:
“girl-managers, … we need to get the girls...”
 Me to the cashier: “He just said girl-manager, what about boy-manager?
Her: “Yeah, girls vs boys. There are some things that need heavy lifting, so…

I raised my eyebrows in disgust.

Earlier this evening I was watching stupid shows with heterosexual couples who want to buy houses. In the first show, the male provided the oooh so big, $15,000 down payment, and then said to the woman, who was purportedly his girlfriend, never “partner”, that he should make the decisions about what to put in the house because he had paid.
 She was upset, but did nothing. He  kept saying  he was happy to have a space for himself, in his new home. She kept trying to correct him, and get him to be inclusive, but really, if you have to correct someone and fucking remind them to value you, you've lost the plot!

The idiot man who was designing the house, put up black and white photos the caveman had taken on trips.The designer said he hadn't seen even one photo with the girlfriend in it, and still he put them up. She playfully punched her boyfriend, cuz she was real upset. Meanwhile the boyfriend complimented himself on his artistic skill. Wow!

What I want to know is, why do women stay? Why put up with a demented, barbaric, rude, and, lest we forget, selfish caveman? Why?

The next show, same idea, only this time said young, het couple were getting an $85, 000 down payment from the husband’s parents. Sounds ok. The problems?

The parents were very openly rude to their son’s wife, and their son had absolutely zero backbone. The parents were insulting their daughter-in-law in front of the son, and he’d keep quiet.
Again, I gotta ask, why the fuck would you stay?!!! Your spouse won’t stand up for you, and your in-laws are misogynist throw-backs. If you stay, you too have no spine.

“Abortion should always be free. Do not support motion M-312! Supporting it will erode Canada's image as a freedom-supporting, progressive nation. If you criminalize my right to choose, you will turn Canada into an oligarchy of misogyny”