Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just about animals ( no catchy title)

The beautiful lady is called Sophie. She's 14 and her best friend is a duck, whose name I didn't get. The duck curls up in Sophie's feet at night:)
And this baby lamby, will be saved from the evil fate of being someone's fucking dinner! When I walked past her she started to cry "maaaa' so I naturally had to give snuggles!

How come we can buy a pet or 'livestock'; a word I hate, because it implies that those beings those animals, are nothing more than things, objects, stock.

The concept of "breaking in" a horse is equally disturbing. As if they are here for our domain; oh wait, I forgot, we are the humans, and therefore have supreme reign,don't we?

Until we have abolished all pet stores, the word livestock, the concept of breaking in a horse, testing on animals of nay kind; and excusing it for scientific research, we will never evolve.

How can we, as a group, meaning humans, even begin to think we are improving, when we continue to look at animals a as unequal, as less than, as, most of the time 'things' that are there to please us, work for us, or feed us from their bodies.

Until we can all, collectively, recognize that animals are our teachers and guides and equals, we are going to continue to suffer for a very long time.