Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring with bounce

So my petition is over 700 signatures to date, ( 703 to be exact!)!!!
How excellent is that?

For any newcomers who don't know what the petition is about, just briefly I want my government, here in mild-mannered Canada to recognize animals as having rights and, to that end, include or, encode animal rights into the constitution.

Here's the link:

In other news, Spring has definitely sprung. The wee birds have been up since before the official ass-crack of dawn. They were happily chirping away at 4 this morning, when there was still no sign of light, anywhere.

Superior cat is nestled next to me resembling, as she always does, a baby seal, crossed with a little bear and a door mouse, yes, she is
that cute!

And on a personal rant, I hate, they are the devil's spawn, truly! Fuck, I've spent so many god damned hours of wasted time trying, in vain to get a website up and running, but each time I do something, something else disappears permanently. All you have to do is touch anything at all, and poof, you've lost all your work. It's bullshit, or perhaps mmm, maybe even elephant shit, cuz they're bigger, :)

Superior cat just repositioned herself, she was keeping my leg so toasty, to the point of sweating.

Even though the weather's getting warmer, I still do agree that "April is the cruelest month", as dear old Eliot reminds us. It's such a liminal period of flux and transition, growth and death happening all at the same time. Plus a lot of people have exams, which is also cruel. I will be giving exams, and the cruel part is the first one will begin at 8 in the morning! Who's going to be even vaguely ready to even spell their own name, let alone anything else at such an hour?
Maybe that's the point? Survival of the fittest? Weed out the whingers. Well, I guess in ties it with the whole Spring birth-death cycle. Meh.

Happy middle of April, and coincidentally, the middle of the week! Do something fun today, and eat something that makes you really happy.