Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More rain blessings!

  I love the rain. The way the earth smells when everything gets wet always reminds me of camping!

It's pouring right now, and I got caught in it, and got pretty  drenched. 
A half an hour ago, on my way back from the dentist, which is when I got soaked, walking to the bus stop, I got on the bus with the same driver I had had heading to the dentist.   
The driver was Caribbean I think, but he had a soft voice, and his accent also sounded like it could have come from a west African nation too.  We greeted each other, and he asked how I was,I said "soaked"; he said "That's ok."  I figured he was busy, and didn't really care about my having got soaked, especially cuz he was dry. So, I persisted and added "My pants are completely wet."  Then he responded by saying 
" Now you are a blessed woman."

I thought about the profundity of that statement, and said, "It's true", thanked him and thought of Rain being a blessing, for Hawai'ian people, for many indigenous people, and how much more non-white people, often non-WASPs, specifically, know about the earth, and the magick of it.