Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here's some much needed good news c/o PETA

Victory: Lufthansa Stops Shipping Dogs and Cats to Laboratories

"Wow, that was fast! Less than a day after PETA released heartbreaking photos and posted an action alert on our Web site drawing attention to the plight of more than 50 dogs who were transported on a Lufthansa cargo plane from the U.S. to a notorious Charles River Laboratories animal testing facility in Scotland, Lufthansa has announced a new policy prohibiting the transport of dogs and cats to laboratories. To everyone who responded to our call to action, thank you!

It's a great first step and an important victory for cats and dogs. We're delighted that Lufthansa acted so speedily. But all animals suffer in laboratories, so here comes Part Two: Let's get Lufthansa to extend its new policy to cover all species.

Click here to thank Lufthansa for protecting dogs and cats and urge it to do more!"


That's pretty wonderful, and gives me hope that my petition will create a butterfly effect, as it were. And it will come to fruition, that animals will get included in the constitution... and soon!

Please keep signing and asking people to my petition urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution!

Lastly, it's such a beautiful Spring, and the lilacs are about to burst into bloom. They are so coming soon:) Though we have been having weirdly freezing weather all thanks to the interconnectivity of everything, and more specifically the tornadoes in the States.

There's that butterfly effect again...ah butterflies. Well, I saw some images of the twisters, and as scary as they may have been they looked so damn cool. I hope no animals were harmed. Though the animals would've known the twisters were coming. The same way my kitty(-ies) always acts bizarro on or near a full moon. And all the animals who knew to run up in to the mountains when that big tsunami hit a few years back.

We are ALL connected. Every thought, action and word we speak affects everyone else.

When you are in a bad mood and you take it out on some one, that person will take that out on someone else..a ripple effect. Who knows how far that bad mood will end up? Think about it.