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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vitality Magazine is a two-faced hypocrite

I have been writing to different alternative health magazines from in and around Toronto, in order to be able to plug my petition on Animal Rights and Respect to be included in our constitution, and to reach a wider audience of people interested in changing their consciousness. I keep getting told that these so-called alternative health rags don't write about animal rights. As Vitality magazine's chief editor put it, 
"We don’t do features on animal rights in Vitality because it’s not our beat."

Not our beat. What the fuck does that mean? Whose beat is it then? 
To my initial inquiry, regarding an article proposal to Vitality Magazine, here is what Vitality's assistant editor responded with:

"As a magazine focused on human health, we don’t often publish articles on animal rights topics. We do wish you the best of luck in your pursuits."
Drew Halfnight
 To that idiotic response, I then wrote the following: 

How can you separate the issues of human and animal health?  We are all beings, and the issues of rights, consciousness and vegetarianism should ring true for your readers.

That seems completely antithetical to the "holistic" health movement, which purports to be interested in connectivity.

The reason why progressions and revolutions won't happen in the in areas of animal rights and respects is because of people like you who continue to compartmentalize issues, and refuse to acknowledge that all of us are connected. Your magazine is filled with articles and recipes about 'alternative' diets; people interested in animal-free eating, so why would you not connect the dots and encourage an activist like me to write an article in your magazine speaking directly to the issues of raising our consciousness and respecting all forms of life?
I encourage you to reconsider your initial decision to separate the issues of human and animal health and put my article in Vitality.
To the above response letter, see the crap about animal rights not being their beat. We will never move forward if all we do is compartmentalize and continually create schisms of Us and Them.