Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, June 27, 2011

The World Cup is Here!

First, please keep signing my 2 petitions , found in the 1 link below, for animal rights and welfare:

In other news, The World Cup began yesterday, and barely a mention has been given to it. It ranks well below the stupid yearly Bollywood festival that’s taking place here; a culture of over-sexualized women, and misogynist and aggressive men is being celebrated. There's a fucking shock.

None of this comes as any surprise. This World Cup of soccer, is not the standard, man-centered game, this World Cup is all women, and is idiotically called The Women’s World Cup, but, whenever men play an organized sport, their gender is Never mentioned. We don’t say Men’s Major League Baseball, or Men’s National Basketball Association, etc, but we still make glaring precedental exceptions for all female teams, and we remember to add the word Women, as if we as a gender are supposed to be reminded that we are just beginning in the big-wide-world of man-centered shit, and for so many years well, women weren’t even allowed to play sports, so gosh, it’s an important step to even be allowed to play, and therefore, using the word Women in front of the sports we can play is actually good, people know which sports women are playing.

It’s patronizing, pathetic and totally misogynist to continue using the word women in front of female tournaments/games/teams etc.

The athletes in this Cup are all much older then man players ( see, people often say, Women-doctors, women-writers, and they say it and think they are being, what?, fucking egalitarian, but they most assuredly have never said, ‘look at the preponderance of man- sportscasters’), because women don’t get the same chances to play, the same kind of funding or sponsorships.

This event isn’t being advertised all over TV because it’s not ‘cool’ to see strong, athletic women, fully clothed, and by that I mean, in regulation length shorts and jerseys, playing hard, physical sports. If this were fricking beach volley ball, where the women wear the equivalent of bikinis, this event would be highly advertised, especially in “men’s magazines” and the like.

Germany is hosting the Cup. For the most part, the Germans support their female athletes, as far as I understand, anyway, much more then, say Canada does, therefore, I wasn’t shocked to learn that Germany beat Canada, 2-1.

Even if you’re not a sports fan , or hate organized sports, I encourage you to watch this cup. We never get to see women acting like women; being rough, aggressive and not trying to get a man’s attention. We always see women, especially in the highly genderized world of sport, acting like little girls who want to please boys; think of tennis, and the outfits they wear, or, the aforementioned volleyball, both beach and indoor, swimming, skating.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My petition is doing great

I have just done the latest tally of all of my 17 petitions- Put Animal Rights in Canada's Constitution and I have well over 6,000 signatures ..I have a grand total of 7,257 signatures..I’m almost at my goal of 10,000 signatures, which is amazing!The link above is to the petition with the most signatures.

As I write this, I can hear the rain poring outside, and thunder starting to grumble far off. I love this weather!!!

I love the sound, feel and smell of rain, it makes everything come alive. I especially love the rain at night, it feels that much cosier. ( Did I spell that right?)

Friday, June 10, 2011

To Believe or not to Believe...

I think it’s funny that people say they are in support of the institution of marriage by saying they “believe in marriage”.

Are these the same people who then also believe in the Easter Bunny, The tooth Fairy and dear old Saint Nick?

Using the word believe to say you support marriage gives a bizarre understanding to the concept of support.

The opposite of believing in marriage would therefore be not believing in it’s existence, like those of us who no longer believe in the big bun, or our beloved magical dental collector.

Why use the word believe is what I want to know, it makes everything so ineffable, flimsy and intangible, which, is cool for me,because , on the whole, I don’t “believe” in it, but I do know it exists. It’s almost like if enough people say they believe in marriage than it will really exist, and even the “non-believers” will be able to see it, much like the illusive unicorn; it shows its self only to those who truly believe in it with their full heart.

So, is the institution of marriage therefore an illusive unicorn; so intangible that even people who believe in it’s value see that it’s still so controversial and misogynist that in order to support it it’s important to use will power, to believe in it to make it more lasting and real?

I don’t know, but I do think it’s odd. Why not say you agree with the institution or are in favour of it, but not believe in.

In other news, the other day in NY the first ever Animal Rights Day event was held. Pretty wicked. Speaking of animal rights and wicked things, here is a link which was sent to me by another blogger( I was about to use the word fellow, to mean another, but, then I stopped myself and realized how inherently sexist that word is) about the harm that is done to horses that are made to pull carriages in cities. We think it’s so romantic, they go blind.

And, as usual, here is my link to my 2 in one petition; it’s to protest Go Daddy and then there’s a link to my other Animal Rights petition within.