Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let them howl

" Never retreat
Never explain
Never apologize
Get the job done and let them howl."
Nellie McClung,

I was watching a little bit of a show the other day, a "talk show", Conan the Barbarian, I believe. So there was the host, barbarian, and a guest he was talking to, another white , het, man, like himself. At to the far left of the guest on a couch, sat the host's official dick sucker, or psychophanth-but really he was a dick sucking (psychophantic) 'yes man', also lilly white, as they say, male and het, or as it always seems.

The 3 of of these lilly white, het men began talking about the main guest's new film; he was a director. The film uses ' computer generated' cartoons. To this the barbarian had to comment on the female lead character; they were about to watch a clip of her, saying that she's "really hot." The director agreed, saying that, yes, in fact he finds her "smokin hot", and the reason she was so "hot" he explained was because o team of men( we are to assume all good het boys, like himself) worked on her for 6 months.

Then the director went on to lament about how the woman who did the female character's voice wouldn't get to to be seen in the film, because she, he told us, was also really 'hot'.

That's respect, hey?

Then this same pruriently minded director went on to talk about the lead man character and how a "a lot of women and men got hired" (emphasis mine) to work on him. He made sure that he included men in that equation. Green Tara forbid that women take over the putrocity that is: patriarchy!
At this same point, the barbarian made sure to mention that he didn't find the male character "hot". The director was happy to hear this, and said, "That's good." meaning: "That's good, kill all the homosexual desires in you, son. This is the army, of hate! (aka: the USA)"

While this was taking place , the jerk-off fest over the cartoon character and the woman doing her voice, the dick sucker would pipe up now and again, to agree with the Barbarian, when it seemed, prudent. Oh irony!

Meanwhile, sitting on the couch to the right of the dick sucker, and to the left of the director, who was not on the couch, but in a chair, (because the couch is for guests who the barbarian is done with as well as his precious dick sucker), sat a female guest! She was also of colour to dilute the lilly whiteness of the clan gathering. Perhaps she felt humiliated, because she didn't say a word, not once, just the occasional awkward smile. I was hoping that she's add some kind of sarcastic rejoinder something rude and vaguely assertive/aggressive/feminist.
But, alas, she's a trained pony, and it was, after all, a talk shoe representing the mores of holywood's elite, white heterosexual men, and how they love to conquer.
So, she kept her mouth shut, like any good trained pony and listened to the misogyny abound instead of speaking up for herself, her daughters,mother,sister,grandmother, niece,aunt,best friends, us.

Keep Talking!