Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Passed 4,000!

Almost a year ago, September 14, to be exact, I began my petition effort, urging my government; The federal government of Canada to include animal rights in the constitution. My signature goal has been to get 10,000 signatures and then deliver my petition to his royal ass holeness, our P.M.

I have happy to say I have over 4,000 signatures, almost halfway to may goal. Though I have had to post and re-post my petition 15 times, so far, which is disappointing.

I also don't understand how and why a site like Care2 has no standards at all. People can post anything they like, in the fucked up guise of petition.

My grand total for today is 4,056 signatures! That is, spread out over the 15 petitions, but still...

I will re-post again, because the fucking Toronto film festival is about to start and it was that festival that allowed those 2 evil monsters that I mention in my petition, to screen their "film" of the kitty they had found, posthumously dubbed Kensington by local activists. The "film", the basis of my petition, was torture. They found a homeless kitty and skinned him alive for the viewing pleasure of the sick public, who clearly had no qualms with it.

People probably said it was "edgy", it was "art". Let's reverse the situation and skin them alive!

Please keep signing. This is my largest collection of signatures

and the newest: ( I hope it links properly..I've been having pure problems with stupid Care2's idiot site!)