Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photos from the solstice
This petition link has passed 700 signatures, which is fantastic, but it still needs more. The more signatures it gets, the closer to my goal of 10,000 signatures I am, and the closer we all are to changing our consciousness and getting animal rights and protections encoded in Canada's constitution. This is the latest posting. To date I have posted this petition 17 times now, 15 times at the above site and twice at All in all, I have over 5,000 signatures combined from all the petition postings. To be exact, I have 5, 573 signatures, I'm more than half way there!

Here are some images from last night's freeze-a-thon aka The Kensington Market Winter Solstice thang. It was supposed to go from 6:30-9, but at 8pm the parade just dissipated and done. I wasn't upset, I was just frozen. First Nations' art and music were out in full force. What I loved the most was the First Nations' musicians were just young guys, and one woman! They were humble as humble, wearing jeans, caps and maintaining their traditions, which is so wonderful to see-- that young people are interested in their culture. I love hearing the singing when the men do their drumming circle, the singing; the loud wailing along with the heavy, steady drum, just pierces my heart.
So, check out my photos , and some of the full moon, too.

a raven
A big owl.
A Norval Morriseau tableau on a roof.

How beautiful is that? I can only imagine the amount of time it took to make those people, whose legs and arms moved.

So beautiful!
The moon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse

Happy Solstice to you!
The Winter Solstice marks the official a) end of Autumn/ beginning of Winter,
longest night of the year/shortest day (least amount of daylight), will also be a Full Lunar Eclipse, the first in 372 years, or so says National Geographic.

If you're over in my neck of the woods , the eclipse will really get going tomorrow at 2 am. Why do we use that expression, "neck of the woods", why not, belly of the woods, or perhaps head..why not? Where did the expression even come from? We could start saying "..if you're ever in my head of the forest..." English is so arbitrary.

Well, have a great solstice. Shed any baggage you're toting around, cuz that's what full moon's are great at..helping you shed..and having such a big deal one so close to the end of the year s pretty significant. This Moon is in gemini, btw.

My angel card from Findhorn's website is creativity.Check it out my whole " I and I will see you through", in spades!
Findhorn is an intentional community in the north of Scotland. An amazing place. Eileen is one of the founders of the place.

Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance: Guidance for 21 December

Learn to live beyond yourself and your own strength and ability, so that those people around you can see with their own eyes that it is I working in and through you. In this way, those souls who have no faith and belief will come to know Me, not by many words, but by a life direct and demonstrated. Unless you live in this way, you are not acknowledging that I AM your guide and companion and that you have dedicated your life completely to Me and to My service. You have to take your feet off the bottom and swim out into the deep unknown in absolute faith and confidence, knowing that no harm will befall you because I AM with you. You will never know whether it all is so unless you are willing to do something about it. Cease playing safe and let Me show you what can happen when you let go and allow Me to take over and use you as I will.

Courage and risk-taking are 2 qualities of very creative and successful people and organizations.

Courage; from French coeur, heart. the last line of the " daily guidance" says it all,"Cease playing safe and let Me show you what can happen when you let go and allow Me to take over and use you as I will." In other words, leap with your heart and let the Universe catch you. It's scary stuff, trusting completely, but if we don't, we stay stuck in "safety", never having taken chances.

Happy Leaping, and wishing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I wish for...

Love and wishes...

Both are exciting, both make you feel happy and joyful and both require a totally open heart!

Wishing, like loving, requires investments of energy -one's personal energy- into the larger pool of available, universal energy flow.

Both are very powerful ways to put your emotions and hopes into realities.

Wishing is allowing the seemingly impossible to become possible. When we wish, we ask for help from a higher place. Wishes are magick. The magick is whispering our wish, letting it go, with an open heart; like a dandelion seed we blow into the wind, and then, like a boomerang, it returns to us as a wish that's come true. It is so exciting!

Wishes are like secret pacts with the Universe. You can ask for something on a grand scale; on a heart-scale and, as long as you keep your heart open, you will get your wish. It feels so joyful when serendipitous energy flow works to bring about your wish!

The difference between wishing and merely hoping is that when you wish you are asking for magick, and you are asking from your whole self; your heart, and, you are not just wanting something, you are creating a threshold of intention which is bigger than just yourself, it expands upwards, sidewards, perpendicularly, horizontally, vertically, any way it needs to in order to connect to the flow of energy needed to connect you to your wish. Your Heart's Desire.

"I and I will see you through"

When you just hope, you have removed the ineffable qualities that comes from sending out a wish to the Universe; made up of equal parts faery dust starlight pure energy, and joy!

Also, when you just hope you're not trusting, or believing in your self/Self ,or the
Universe, the message that the energy flow of just hope sends is : "I guess/ maybe I'll get it, but I don't really deserve it"; it's like whispering your wish into your dandelion seed, but instead of blowing the seed, and letting your wish travel, you fearfully hold on to it; because you're not sure if it will fly, or if your wish was stupid ,or if it will happen, or , or , or....

Open your hand, so you can open your heart, because wishing is beautiful!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks: leak the truth about animal torture!

So, what about these Wikileaks? I want shit leaked about the animal abuse that happens at the hands of governments; NASA, for instance, uses monkeys in different types of experiments. I want the truth to come out about what happens in slaughterhouses, and commercial farms. I want the OSPCA and the ASPCA to leak their horror stories to our man Assange, so the greater public can finally, hopefully realize how sickeningly cruel governments are.

I want "laboratories" that practice animal torture, in "scientific experiments" paid for by governmental agencies such as doctors organizations and health boards, to leak their truths about how pregnant animals uterus's are cut in half and tobacco smoke is pushed into the womb, in order to be able to print the fucking warning label on cigarette boxes.

Dogs are still killed in experiments for cigarette companies . In case anybody still thinks it is a good idea to smoke during pregnancy, monkeys at the federally funded Oregon Regional Primate Research Center are confined in small, barren metal cages, while their fetuses are exposed to nicotine. The baby monkeys, once born, will be killed and examined.
( From my website

Animals are used as living battering rams in every capacity inhumanly possible. They are used as impact "dummies" to check car safety (General Motors); this is called "live testing" and has purportedly ended, they are tested on to ensure our hands won't become sensitive to our dish soap, such as Ivory (Procter and Gamble) to vaccines and lipsticks.

Most humans still think they are entitled to assert their human-ness ..or evilness over the earth and the beings that inhabit it, and that we inhabit it with. Most people still justify using animals to test vaccines on, caging them, wearing their bodies and skins and coats, and eating their flesh , which has been killed in horrific ways.

It is crucial to question what we read, find out all the facts, and whose interests are being represented while still continuing to fight for the lives of our friends, the silent masses of torture victims in labs worldwide.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Half way there!

It took a year and nearly 3 months, but I'm finally at just over 5,000 signatures on my petition to have animal rights and protections included in Canada's constitution!!!

I have 5,201 signatures..right now. In fact, I re-posted the petition again last night and already have 451 signatures on it. The first one I posted has 913 signatures. So, I am finally half way to my goal of 10,000 signatures.

Here is the latest re-posting :

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a dark and blustery early fall evening. took my first "sick" day, today since starting my job.
I cried too much last night about my grandmother, who hasn't eaten in days, and is lying in the hospital wasting away or just waiting..It's beyond awful.

I wrote to my class to tell them class was cancelled and not one of the 6 emails I got were even vaguely considerate, just selfish shit asking about themselves. Nothing new.

I feel like I should meet Winnie the Pooh any second, cuz it's so blustery. My kitten's curled up on my bed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

All things otters, and such like

Best friends
Holding hands, asleep! How cute is that!?
A pile of baby sea otters-sleeping.
Still holding hands; they are just that cute.

Ok, I need a wee dose of I came upon a cute-as-cute picture of sea otters. However, these all too cute mammals are also a threatened species, and the evilness that is the BP disastor, has caused and will contine to cause many otters and other sea faring beings as well as birds to become endangered. As well, obvioulsly many beings died slow, painful deaths.

I found an article, above, about the
threatened sea otters. The article incorrectly has them listed as "extinct", which is not the case. Clearly the writer doesn't understand the meaning of the word. However, they are endangered and were at one point on the brink of extinction. Also on the list of animals on the endangered list, which was a shock to me, Atlantic salmon. is an article about animals who have become endangered as a result of BP's fuck up. ( I was too lazy to link this one, it's kind of long) Here's a link to National Geographic's photos of animals in the BP oil. It's sad and awful. Humans always take advantage of the earth and the beings who live gently on it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Thoughts on The Day of the Dead

I went to a beautiful Day of the Dead celebration, with an incredible Aztec dance circle on Halloween. The dancers were dressed up andsome haf their faces painted as skeletons and had insanely beautiful feathered headpieces, from Mexico.

It's a beautiful tradition to honour one's dead that way, not to be frightened but to celebrate the life and journey of the being; animal or person who has passed.

I forgot to bring my camera, though ):

Halloween is the complete opposite of The Day of the Dead. It's whole aim is to teach children to fear death, darkness, and the mysteries and magick connected with the earth, and of course, to be greedy as anything!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Wendie!!

A birthday rose for you, taken by moi, 2 years ago...

Hey Wendie,
in keeping with the newly minted, one year old tradition, here is your birthday card.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.. and some nice quotes to make you smile.

"It takes a long time to grow young." -Pablo Picasso

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." -
Lucille Ball

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm a rainbow!
My petition, lest we forget..please read and keep signing, merci!

Today's theme is thought-power!

but all the same, it's a beautiful, suddenly bright, but cold autumnal morning. I need more sleep, but my cats felt otherwise.

My grandmother's in the hospital, waiting, sleeping, while we, most of the rest of her family, cling, way too hard, painfully. When I go to the hospital, I watch her sleep and breathe and listen to the i.v drip,and take pictures of the beautiful sunset, and my grandmother too, usually asleep.

Things will get better, I know it. Today she ate..for the first time in 5 days. Pasta.
Thoughts hold strength!

The Dalai Lama's coming Friday, but at 2 in the afternoon. Who can go? Most people are working at 2 in the afternoon on a Friday, as I am. All the same, just knowing that he'll be in my city is a peaceful and good feeling!

In other news, I watched a girl, who couldn't have been older than 17, 18, the oldest, try to get away from a guy who seemed to be her pimp. It was awful. It was right on the bus, in front of everyone. Fuck, it's hard to tell though, about people and their shit. I mean the girl was wearing skin-tight leggings, but so do most girls, it seems. But still, the way that fuck talked to her and the way she came to the front of the bus to get away from him. At first I thought something good might come of it, but then the pimp...pimple? both are gross, followed her, and she
looked small, scared, to me anyway, her body-language showed she wanted nothing to do with him. He started swearing at her and said shit about she had to go to work. She held her position, which was slightly turned away from him,while he towered over her. He continued threatening/guilting her. He told her she was selfish and only cared about herself and he "would take care of this one, this time." I felt hopeful for just a fleeting moment.
I thought maybe she'd have resolve and wouldn't go with him. Then some filthy old, dirty man got off and as he walked off, he ogled the girl like she was his possession. It was sickening.

When the pimple got off though, the girl meekly followed, and remained behind him the whole time, as they crossed the street.

I know thoughts carry power, so my thought is that that girl stays safe and finds strength to leave that situation. Whoever else comes across this, please take a second to focus your intention on this girl and anyone else who needs help escaping. If you can't lend your hand or voice, lend your thoughts.

I considered speaking up, as I often do, but I knew this situation was different. I knew it wasn't safe and I have to protect myself.

Focus on love

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Banks, War and Murdered Donkeys

It's a well known fact that banks are the polestars of evil, to quote senior Kushner of Angels in America fame. They become even more evil, if this is even vaguely possible, when one is applying for a credit card.

My god, the fucking application and interrogation process is enough to deter anyone. All the personal question and the judgements, " You've never wanted to own a credit card before?!" they all ask me not even trying to hide their tones of rude incredulity.

It feels sort like one's soul is getting sucked out. Banks are evil, and the people who work for them are zombie-minded robots. Me: "Why do you or the bank need or want to know if I'm married or not?" One of the zombie's answers, " We just have to ask that." Right. Just like a soldier, don't think, just shoot. Me: I'm not going to answer that." I proudly wouldn't work in an army nor a bank, same shit different jargon, kind of. They both use double-speak to confuse and kind of appease the confused, fuming masses. They both are mindless entities that unethically suck our resources dry, and they both don't give a shit about the eco- destruction, and lives lost they cause and contribute to: the tar sands in Alberta, any war, anywhere. The earth gets raped, and animals are the fucking 'collateral damage'.

Donkeys in Israel and Palestine are used as fucking go-betweens, strapped with bombs , by the psycho Palestinians, and blown up. No one seems to give a shit that a being was murdered for the sickness of humans!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love the rain

I love the rain! Period. It makes me so damn happy. I love the dark skies. I love the smell of the earth. I love the sound of the rain. I love feeling cozy in a rain coat and umbrella, or inside looking out on it.
I love watching the rain fall, and feeling the temperature drop too, like now, with our early fall.
It's been pouring today, and the leaves have been falling and the birds have been not as chipper. I suppose because they too want to stay dry. All of it makes me happy. Oh, and that there are fewer people out to annoy the shit out of me is a big bonus too!

This new petition is doing well. Keep signing!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Passed 4,000!

Almost a year ago, September 14, to be exact, I began my petition effort, urging my government; The federal government of Canada to include animal rights in the constitution. My signature goal has been to get 10,000 signatures and then deliver my petition to his royal ass holeness, our P.M.

I have happy to say I have over 4,000 signatures, almost halfway to may goal. Though I have had to post and re-post my petition 15 times, so far, which is disappointing.

I also don't understand how and why a site like Care2 has no standards at all. People can post anything they like, in the fucked up guise of petition.

My grand total for today is 4,056 signatures! That is, spread out over the 15 petitions, but still...

I will re-post again, because the fucking Toronto film festival is about to start and it was that festival that allowed those 2 evil monsters that I mention in my petition, to screen their "film" of the kitty they had found, posthumously dubbed Kensington by local activists. The "film", the basis of my petition, was torture. They found a homeless kitty and skinned him alive for the viewing pleasure of the sick public, who clearly had no qualms with it.

People probably said it was "edgy", it was "art". Let's reverse the situation and skin them alive!

Please keep signing. This is my largest collection of signatures

and the newest: ( I hope it links properly..I've been having pure problems with stupid Care2's idiot site!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weather and all that Jazz

So, Earle's
presence is being felt as I write, however moderate it may be. It feels like winter and the wind is strong and loud as loud. No rain today..yet, though? To be honest, I was kinda hoping for something more than strong blustery winds, but alas. It is cozy weather though.

One of the outside cats is smart, if not mean, he bit me a few weeks ago...blood and all. I was petting him and he chomped down, but he had the sense to stay in the garage today, which he isn't allowed to do, but I found him there, and it's scary weather, so I fed him there too.

I wish I could get the cool-as-hell job of being a person who names the weather conditions. Fuck, how cool would that be? You see a tornado a comin', and you get to check your alphabetized roster of names and select one or just make one up connected with where in the alphabet you're at. Tropical storms get the same deal too. I just think it would be cool.

I also wish to become a paint namer. There's a paint colour called "Aha moment". Can you imagine the conversation: I'd like the Aha Moment on the walls and the Einstein's brain on the ceiling. No, no that's the wrong shade of brain. I said Einstein's not Kruschev. "
Those would be in the line of political house paints, which would be directly next to the paints that are named for moments in your life, any moment, like, say the moment you remembered where you put the paint.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rain, rain, keeps me sane even when it's pouring

A photo I took of Loch Ness. I guess Nessie was out that particular morn.

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, it's pouring, and there was loud, scary thunder a second ago.

I love the rain, it makes me feel pensive, but also tired. I'm grateful it's raining because the humidity was awful.

I wanted to add a sound clip...from a great movie. But alas, I've been waiting for shit to upload for over half an hour and the battery on the computer is dying and someone has decided to hide the plug...I guess that's the level of maturity here. So, to sum up, the computer's about to die, I can't get the clip up, and the plug's been hidden. Good times!
And the font button's missing, and now I am having problems publishing this wee rant.
The stupid font button decided to grace me with its appearance...after the fact though.
So frustrating.
And a final p.s, after a good hour searching for the damn plug, and the computer fully dead, I walked back into the dining room and lo, there it was, on the table. Like a miracle. Of course, it didn't walk there or even fly.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A critique of the film beauty shop

I watched some of a movie called beauty shop last was like a car wreck, you felt disgusted and curious and therefore couldn't pull away. I was totally appalled at all the stereotypes and full-on racism. Shit.

I get it, hollywood is racist and black women, especially, find it hard to get parts, but, come one, have some fucking self respect. Every woman who worked in the shop was the stereotype of lascivious, loud, obnoxious. All the white women in the movie were skinny and awkward and racist.

To put things in their proper colonial context, we read, " To the European male,the black African woman was regarded as feral and lascivious-- in all respects.It is through the labelling of black woman as promiscuous that her sexuality is ultimately denigrated" ( quoted from a paper I wrote, entitled, Slackness in the Dancehall: Caribbean Women Negotiating Sexual Spaces to Create Personal Emancipation-- a long title, I know! :) )

One scene that disturbed me more than any other; a black man who had been hired to work in the formerly all female-shop, to do braiding,(was now dating the lone white woman working in the shop) was asked by a white female client to carry a box out to her car for her; though she was clearly capable of doing it her dam self. He dutifully obliged, and as he had turned to go with the box, she got up, grabbed his ass, and proclaimed, "firm!"

He didn't even turn around and say anything, not even a sexual come on to the woman who had just felt him up--, in keeping with the stereotypes of the film. He just took it, silently, and kept walking. It was his girlfriend who asked the client if she would mind not doing that in future because they, meaning she and the guy were
" hanging out now."
Fuck, I guess the beauty shop had actually been transposed to a fucking plantation all over again, they were in the south, after all. The southern belle/slave dichotomy.

Author Maria Margarita Castro Flores , in her article, Religions of African Origin in Cuba: A Gender Perspective makes the assertion that racial barriers from colonialism in Cuba have been clearly carried over into today's Cuba. However, those barriers don't stop in Cuba only. We can see clear and apparent evidence of colonialism still alive and kicking in the above mentioned film.
We read, " some members of the population still evaluate skin colour, characterizing the black person as "scandalous, crude, delinquent and indolent" and the white person as " discrete, educated and one that strives to live better and knows how to behave."

However, any "member" who still holds firm to those racist notions more than likely believes that colonialism wasn't as evil and pervasive as it is and continues to be and also probably sees black people as "other"; that is, still sees the colour of the person and not the person.

Friday, July 30, 2010

And one more, makes 7!

Ok, make that 7..hawks. I saw my 7th today, well now it's already tomorrow. At first I thought it didn't count, the 7th hawk, cuz it was on a t-shirt and all it said was "the hawk" and in the middle was a silhouette picture of a hawk, in perfect v formation; swooping. It looked just the 6 I've seen this far.

So, after consulting my mom, who was with me, she said it definitely counted, and then I had to agree. I mean, there was this random man standing at a bus stop and I just happened to glimpse at his shirt which just happened to have a hawk on it, just as I was on my way to have (more) dental surgery. It counts!

Lately I've been re-reading old plays I love. Why plays and not novels, no real reason. I've re-read Death of a Salesman, and Angels in America(AIA), both parts, and read, for the first time, The Government Inspector, by Gogol, I also started to revisit the Orestian Trilogy by Aeschylus
. I got all involved in the intro; which is a full-on historical essay, it's really interesting.

Death of a Salesman is pretty amazing, especially the second time around. Re-reading it I found out that the waiter, Jake? is suicidal. He says a line about how lucky Happy is for having gone to the war and how he wishes he could've gone too, so that he could've died and wouldn't have had to still be living. He says it so quickly and casually that if you blink, literally and figuratively, you truly miss it. I had to re-read that part about four times in a row to really allow what had just been said to seep in to me. It's such a tragic play, and yet I always feel upset at not knowing who I despise more (or less).

Speaking of intensely layered works; I think Tony Kushner's a genius! Here's a line from Perestroika, (which is AIA, Part 2), in which Belize the nurse/drag queen is talking to Louis about racist, white America. Louis the forever ambivalent can't seem to figure out who's more racist; himself or America. ( He's also just recently walked out on his long-term lover, Prior, Belize's best friend. Prior has just found out he's got(full-blown( a
term I hate) AIDS.)
Belize says: "The white cracker who wrote the national anthem knew what he was doing. He set the word "free" to a note so high nobody can reach it. That was deliberate. Nothing on earth sounds less like freedom to me..." (pgs 94-94, Perestroika, )

Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Hawks are better than 3!

Judgements versus decisions, that's today's topic. Geez I feel so damn stuck but afraid to any direction, so I maintain the safe path; the one causing least anything-waves, change..anything.
What to do?

Maybe I'll find some answers as I meditate on the full moon; then again maybe I won't..who knows.

My grand total for hawk-sightings is up now to 6! Both times the hawks were in groups of 3, pretty significant, no?

"The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground. As you rise to a higher level, your psychic energies are awakening and the hawk can help you to keep those senses in balance. Its message for you is to be open to hope and new ideas, to extend the vision of your life."( from a blog posting I found)

I hope some of this rubs off on my life..soon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Passed 3,000

My petition, in all its 13 reincarnations has finally amassed 3,000. 3,313 signatures to be exact! Only 7,000 more to reach my goal!

Very exciting.

In other news, it's so hot and humid I love it. Though there were so many idiots at Pride who brought their dogs out in the sweltering heat with no shade no water nothing. I gave a bottle of water to a man for his dog. The dog looked like he was about to die and the fucking ass man had a cup for the poor dog to try to drink from, and that he was all fur and black made it worse. That man should have been fined $, 2000 minimum

I should run for mayor.

I went to the beach the other day...sadly the water is polluted beyond gross, but sand and warmth feel beautiful.

Today my fam and I went to the country, well "country-lite" the city encroaches more and more.
Though we did see two chipmunks, beautiful butterflies and emerald dragonflies and I saw a frog! Oh and we saw three red-tailed hawks circling above us. That was cool.

The weather was beautiful.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy (belated) Pride, with photos

I hope everyone had a great Pride week/end. Here are some images of the weekend, which I attended, solo. If I had thought about it too much I wouldn't have gone at all, because doing things on one's one is never seen as ok, or acceptable.

Insanely beautiful weather!

Below are just a few of the many photos I took over the weekend;
Have a look at the beautiful queens, sexy ladies and the slogans!

Zoom in on this one and check out famous Jewish queer folks.

Monday, June 28, 2010

All about the agent provocateur

Ok, the topic today, fair readers: the gullible masses and how we are all so easily lead and covered in the cloak of fear. You see, in order for a government of any description to "best" control its citizens it needs first to control its citizens emotions. Solution? Scare the shit out of them by any means necessary, and as frequently as possible. Once this has been accomplished then everything else will succeed at alarming rates. That is because once we, the terrified citizens have indeed succumbed to the fears then we become paralysed by our fears and don't ever dare question authority,in any capacity, including standing up for our very lives.

A steady diet of constant politically motivated fear coupled with politicians ensuring the media only talk about issues in the most sensationalized of terms, and what do you get? Yes, that's right, you, in the front, I know you were too afraid to say it out loud, fear not, we can say it together: right wing governments who pose as democracies, but are really just terror mongers
who count on the fact that you were too afraid to speak up. Yes, I am speaking to you, woman, in the front.

So, what is an agent provocateur (a.p from now on), you ask, slightly bemused?
"Sure", you respond, "anything with French always sounds classier. Hence provocateur which sounds so cool, instead of what it really is, filthy."

The classied-up French word means cops acting as "regular folk" and in the cases of our G8 and G20 summits, the cops as a.p were acting as "seedy anarchists" to quote the mainstream shit.

Today at work, I brought up the topic of the police subverting our democracy, and human rights, with two separate people, but people being what and who they are , refused to hear me and thought I was talking about "conspiracy theories".

It's frustrating. That actually we don't have freedom to protest in any sense of the word. One person at work who 'sounds' very left wing, had been taken in completely by the spin doctoring of the media and only talked about how scary the image of the police car on fire was. And like all good automatons, refused to question the motives of the cops, et al.

Below is a small portion of an article from an excellent site called, Global

Read it but also have a look at the photos.

"Toronto is right now in the midst of a massive government / media propaganda fraud. As events unfold, it is becoming increasingly clear that the 'Black Bloc' are undercover police operatives engaged in purposeful provocations to eclipse and invalidate legitimate G20 citizen protest by starting a riot. Government agents have been caught doing this before in Canada."

Up next, this is a video exposing the provocateurs for what they are, filthy, villainous, plain clothes cops, or pigs, you choose.

And this last link is a chat room discussion about the..say it with me agent provocateur.
What are the human rights violations like in your neck of the woods?

Today's reading: Momo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Letters to companies that test on animals

Here are 2 letters I wrote and sent: The first is to Dawn dish soap, who are a subsidiary company of the evil P&G, and the second is to P&G themselves:

Letter 1:

How do you get off lying to the public with the shit about caring for animals when you are part of P&G, the world's biggest animal rights abuser!!

In your stupid commercials for your dish soap, where we openly see animal cruelty, as the animals are covered and then washed of the grease, you have carefully omitted the fact that a) you do, in fact support animal cruelty and torture, and that b) the Gulf oil spill is great for your business. You might as well just say, " Yay BP, and thanks for sending us more business."

Why don't you get really honest and tell people what really goes on behind the closed and locked P&G lab doors ? Tell people, in your dish soap commercials how many animals were tortured until they passed out and died so your soap could be market-ready?

Letter 2
So, Proctor and Gamble,
How does it make you, each and every one of you who works in your labs and the desk-job types ,as well, to know that animals are being tortured, and killed and each and every one of you openly allows this, or by your silence, are complacent as well.

Your organization is responsible for torture and murder of hundreds and thousands of animals!
How does it make you feel when you hear the screaming and crying of animals suffocating and choking to death?
How does it make you feel to smell the animals' bodies when they have died and have been forgotten and have begun rotting?
How does it make you feel to watch a bunny, a kitty, a dog, a ferret a monkey, a rat, or any other animal have chemicals poured into her or his eyes, to be injected with poison, to be cut open?

You, each and every one of you Proctor and Gamble workers are as horrendous as nazis. Using the gas chamber and trying to justify it.
What if these animals were your children?

Dawn dish soap, openly shows images of animal cruelty, (that's the P&G way, isn't it?) as the animals are covered and then washed of the grease, you have carefully omitted the fact that a) you do, in fact support animal cruelty and torture, and that b) the Gulf oil spill is great for your business. You might as well just say, " Yay BP, and thanks for sending us more business."

Why don't you get really honest and tell people what really goes on behind the closed and locked P&G lab doors ? Tell people, in your dish soap commercials how many animals were tortured until they passed out and died so your soap could be market-ready?

Proctor and Gamble, start telling the truth and end the tortures now!

Animal Activist

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An ode to Talib's lyrics' and Rising up Against Oppression

Most people, especially groups that seem to need to cling to their religion in order to maintain their sense of victim-hood, always feel justified in clinging so hardcore to 'being a minority' or slave and victim of "the system".

Which translates into , "Boo-hoo, the government isn't helping me , or giving to me, or acknowledging me as a victim."
But in the meantime,what are you doing to help you? Certainly there is corruption on many levels in corporate, government bodies; one such form is worldwide, systemic misogyny.

Women still earn less than men, regardless of education or position. Naturally, governments, made up primarily of white males, or even just males, period, don't want the boat to be rocked, and order or patriarchy to turn into anarchy or ( gasp!) matriarchy? So, they do nothing . They, the good, white men in power don't want to legislate to make equal pay a law. Or for that matter, they don't want to make gender pricing, illegal, either. Why would they want want to do such a radical thing and actually say " Hey the king is very naked, and therefore, paid nothing compared to his wife who had to pay ...a king's ransom for her clothes!"

Even though gender pricing is complete and total sexist shit, governments pretend it's all about market economics and supply and demand.
Yes, that's why 3 pairs of men's wool dress socks cost me $15, versus the women's cotton socks, which were being sold for $25. A woman watched me pick the men's socks up and wondered why I was going to buy them. I explained to her that a) I'm saving $10 and b) if they happened to be too large, I could always shrink them. She was shocked!
Most people don't have the courage to challenge the ingrained sexism we are supposed to assume is all part of the "mystique" of being female.

Women will foolishly, and seemingly, gladly, pay more for things like razors, face cream, haircuts, and some clothes because, first of all, don't all women love shopping? And secondly, why wouldn't we want to look our best, darn it!

Part of our mystique, which is just another way to say that women really are 'rare and delicate flowers who are mysterious and emotional creatures' lies in the fact that we "need to" maintain ourselves in a certain way and only those (more expensive ) items will help us maintain our "feminine mystique", this also includes not questioning why your haircut is $20-$25 more than a man's.
How could this mystique be maintained if we totally equalized ourselves and all started demanding the end to gender pricing and then
en- masse, started buying from the men's sections? I can say from my personal experience, there is really nothing delicate nor mysterious about being a hardcore feminist!

So, while men are earning more, and saving shit loads, women, who earn less, pay
way more for the same or very similar items.


Though because we, as women have been oppressed for so fucking long, (see above as good on-going examples of our continued oppression) we have learned how to raise our voices and scream about the injustices that happen everyday, or second, because we live in a patriarchy!

The waves of the women's movement have helped to empower us to not have to be or feel like we are victims. Instead, it has allowed me, for example, to boldly use the men's bathroom when there is a huge line for the women's. Sure I may get funny stares, but my bladder feels much better. I have also learned how to tell- off lecherous men on public transportation, in my loudest voice:) The ogler sometimes tries yelling back, to which I respond by cussing him audibly. Or, more often he looks ashamed and the other women sitting around me smile a victory smile, as if to say, "Finally, someone put that shit in his place."

There is a clear distinction between being or having been victimized and
always feeling like a victim. As we see in the 2 lines below by Talib Kweli which are all about the continued culture of victim-hood that many black people dwell in. Most people want to play the victim, and stay victims.

I love these two lines! They are so true. They are from two separate songs, but both are from the album
Reflection Eternal).

"These cats drink champagne to toast death and pain, like slaves on a ship, talkin' 'bout, who got the fliest chain." song: Africa Dream

" I looked in your eyes and I saw the shame, y'all don't know that our greatness came before the chain" song: Eternalist

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Passed 2,000!

So, I've gone beyond 2,000 signatures!! I have a total of 2,210, with the petition having been re-posted now 10 times. It kind of galls me though, I have to say, that I have had to post and post this petition urging the Canadian Government to include animal rights in the constitution, and it's moving at a turtle's pace.

I'm grateful that it is moving, but upset that key animal rights orgs won't sign it and/or post it on their websites, with such lame-ass excuses, like, ' we don't have any space on our site.' Yeah bloody right.

Why can a petition written by someone who can't spell to save their life and be about a silly topic like saving the blobfish, yes, this is in fact a real petition, get way more signatures in one go then all of mine re-posted?!

Not impressed.

Lastly, the new kitten has adjusted well. She's sleeping next to me on the couch though my big bear of a kitty isn't so keen on her, at all.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first thousand signatures!

My petition, urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution, has finally reached and surpassed 1,000 signatures! How exciting is this?!
Here's the one with the most signatures...

I have the petition posted have and re-posted it at both its 2 locations , so it is in existence 4 times, and with that the current signature total is 1,009!

It's an amazing beginning and it's taken a lot of work! It will continue to take a lot more work in order to reach my goal of not only attaining at least 10,000 signatures but of actually having animal rights encoded into our constitution!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today we mourn

So, the fucking OSPCA in Markham has killed 99 animals, and let's not mince words here by saying "euthanized", because murder is murder however fancy you try to make the word sound.

By the way, euthanize comes from the Greek, and the prefix eu means joy, happy. So to use the word euthanize is very condescending and has deep religious undertones. When we use phrases like " put down", or " put to sleep" it's the same damn thing. Why is a perfectly ok animal happy to be killed?

So, yes they've killed 99 animals. And why, you ask, incredulously?! Because they were "infected" with a skin fungus erroneously called "ringworm". This skin fungus, a bacteria, was given the name ringworm when it was first discovered. The jackass man who discovered it thought the pattern of infection on the skin looked like a worm, and so, the ugly associations have since stuck, and no one seems too keen on changing the incorrect name.

This skin fungus is completely treatable and is not at all lethal. The ass people at the OSPCA
decided that it was a virulent strain and chose to take matters into their own hands. A vet had been contacted and was waiting at his clinic with a truck ready and empty cages for the patients to stay in while they got better. However, the murderers at the Markham OSPCA decided to not go that route and instead began the killing, to the complete shock and bafflement of the vet.

It has also been mentioned that some staff have been infected. Though I haven't heard any talk of euthanizing them, that's funny, I wonder why not?

Well, please have a moment of silence for the 99 beings that were needlessly murdered yesterday.

Lastly, I have a new kitten. I've named her Punim. ( it's Yiddish ) I found her in my backyard screaming her little head off last week Thursday. Just skin and bones. She's since been to the vet and is adorable. We love her.

So as usual, here is my petition, now more timely than ever, it seems,
urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The ugly double-standard

I saw a cute scene today. A woman saw a large Doberman, a dog I'm not ashamed to say, I'm afraid of. Upon seeing the large dog, who was tied up but patiently waiting for his human friend, the woman said happily, "Oh, a puppy!" Let me just point out here that the dog was by no stretch of anyone's imagination a puppy.
This was a fully grown dog. Full stop.
The woman, and a friend she was with, then went up the dog and gave him snuggles like he was a puppy! In return the dog waggled the tiny nip of a tail that he had and flapped his little ears in complete happiness!
It made me happy to see!
I must say, whenever I see a kitty, no matter the age, I always refer to her/him as a kitten!

I HATE that Dobermans have their tail's and ears cut, and no I won't say "docked", just to make them look and ostensibly feel more aggressive. It's disgusting, bullshit and barbaric and needs to be stopped!
Then the friend/dad of the dog came out from a store he had been in and seemed pretty loving, despite the fact that he most certainly had allowed his dog's body parts to be chopped off.

Most Dobermans are aggressive because of how they are raised and treated. Though the one I saw today was clearly loved, which is a nice break from the norm. The norm being, dogs such as Pit Bulls, who are the new "evil" and yet their humans are the ones who are raising them to behave in aggressive manners, and the humans get off Scott-free.
Why is that?

We talk about "putting down" an animal or "destroying" it, when it's been deemed aggressive. Yet when a person has committed a crime of say, torturing a Pit Bull to the point that it feels so filled with rage it starts attacking other animals and people, we don't say that that sick piece of shit should get "destroyed" cuz then all of a sudden everyone gets all " maybe he was raised in a bad environment" kind of bullshit.

And the dog who's getting "destroyed", had, what, a cheery, fucking happy home-life?

Children who start exhibiting signs of sociopathic behaviour, doing sick shit like torturing other beings or worse, at early ages are never "destroyed". No, instead they are shunted through society only to become sicker.

But really, why don't they get "destroyed"? After all, it's because of them and the adults like them that I keep my cat/(s) indoors at Halloween, and why I, daily sign so many petitions on Care2 that make me sick and want to cry, and why I created my petition, urging my government to finally realize that animals can think, feel, laugh, cry even more deeply than us, and therefore their rights must be included in our constitution. As usual, here's the link:

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here's some much needed good news c/o PETA

Victory: Lufthansa Stops Shipping Dogs and Cats to Laboratories

"Wow, that was fast! Less than a day after PETA released heartbreaking photos and posted an action alert on our Web site drawing attention to the plight of more than 50 dogs who were transported on a Lufthansa cargo plane from the U.S. to a notorious Charles River Laboratories animal testing facility in Scotland, Lufthansa has announced a new policy prohibiting the transport of dogs and cats to laboratories. To everyone who responded to our call to action, thank you!

It's a great first step and an important victory for cats and dogs. We're delighted that Lufthansa acted so speedily. But all animals suffer in laboratories, so here comes Part Two: Let's get Lufthansa to extend its new policy to cover all species.

Click here to thank Lufthansa for protecting dogs and cats and urge it to do more!"


That's pretty wonderful, and gives me hope that my petition will create a butterfly effect, as it were. And it will come to fruition, that animals will get included in the constitution... and soon!

Please keep signing and asking people to my petition urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution!

Lastly, it's such a beautiful Spring, and the lilacs are about to burst into bloom. They are so coming soon:) Though we have been having weirdly freezing weather all thanks to the interconnectivity of everything, and more specifically the tornadoes in the States.

There's that butterfly effect again...ah butterflies. Well, I saw some images of the twisters, and as scary as they may have been they looked so damn cool. I hope no animals were harmed. Though the animals would've known the twisters were coming. The same way my kitty(-ies) always acts bizarro on or near a full moon. And all the animals who knew to run up in to the mountains when that big tsunami hit a few years back.

We are ALL connected. Every thought, action and word we speak affects everyone else.

When you are in a bad mood and you take it out on some one, that person will take that out on someone else..a ripple effect. Who knows how far that bad mood will end up? Think about it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day, seen!

Happy Earth Day!!
I hope you do something today to reconnect with our broken and ill-treated earth.
And by earth I mean our physical environment. Clean up a public space, a park, a sidewalk, just pick up crap on the street, feed the birds or squirrels, smell the flowers.

while you're out doing good deeds, my petition
And now...

It's time for a little Wilson Pickett, and here's one of my faves:

"If you need me"

and some Garnet Silk, big up, " Splashing Dashing"

And I'll end with a little Barrington Levy, "Be Strong"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tell Lufthansa to stop sending animals to their deaths!

And with the light comes the seemingly never ending darkness..I got this in an email from a no-kill cat group I support. I added an email address

Here's the email...

PETA recently obtained heartbreaking photos showing at least 50 beagles confined to crates and loaded like cargo on a Lufthansa transport plane. The beagles were destined for a Charles River Laboratories (CRL) animal-testing facility in Scotland where they will likely be poisoned and killed in drug and pesticide tests.

CRL condemns tens of millions of animals to confinement, poisoning, mutilation, and death in its own laboratories and those of its customers. The company was recently fined $14,000 after 32 monkeys were cooked to death when a room at its facility in Reno, Nev., overheated.

By transporting these animals, Lufthansa is facilitating and profiting from the abuse of animals in laboratories. Please take a moment to let Lufthansa know that this practice is unacceptable.

Send a quick e-mail to Lufthansa vice president Jens Bischof --here are the parts I added via, I think she's an assistant of his, or click on the "send a quick email" link which will take you to the PETA site with a pre-written letter to Jens, the bastard. Here's the address to Charles river Labs,

Urge Jens to join other progressive airlines like Qantas and Cathay Pacific by enacting a policy against transporting animals destined for use in laboratories.

Here's the letter I wrote addressed to both Jennifer and Charles Labs, and Jens too, via PETA:


Mr. Bischof I have just learned that your airline has made deals with Marshall Farms, who breed animals for "scientific" purposes, meaning, they torture animal victims, in upstate New York, and Charles River Laboratories (CRL) an animal-testing facility in Scotland. Your airline transports animals such as beagles to their death by torture, poisoning, unimaginable terror and pain. How can you allow this? When people choose to close their eyes to evil we have seen evidence of what can happen, such as the horrors of the Holocaust. Everyday, thousands of animals quietly endure pain and torture in the name of "science", and this too is a Holocaust.

Most people think of animals as nothing more "things"; to be eaten, their bodies worn, their children taken sold, and eaten. People kill them for fun this is called "sport". People use words like "breed"- though has anyone asked the animal if s/he feels like procreating, and words like "owner", once again indicating that most people feel that animals are their property. Also, we must not forget all the quiet torture animals must endure, locked up, beaten scared, hunted, because most people regard them as nothing more than things with no feelings.

Mr. Bischof, by continuing to allow animals to be sent to their hideous demise, you are totally complicit in this heinous torture that must stop. Silence coupled with apathy are two of the worst evils.

"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people."

Martin Luther King

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the communists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me -
and by then there was no one left to speak out for me

Pastor Martin Niemöller

The modern amendment to this poem could read:
"Then they came for the animals-the house pets, mountain gorillas, or animals being tortured in a lab, but I was not able to understand that we are all connected- so I did nothing."

And here is my petition,
Sign my petition urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution!

Signs of Spring

"Il Giardino"

Here is what Spring looks like in my neck of the woods! It's a shame I can't also upload the amazing smells; the deep, spicy hyacinth, the sweet cherry blossom, the delicate daffodil..
So, beautiful!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring with bounce

So my petition is over 700 signatures to date, ( 703 to be exact!)!!!
How excellent is that?

For any newcomers who don't know what the petition is about, just briefly I want my government, here in mild-mannered Canada to recognize animals as having rights and, to that end, include or, encode animal rights into the constitution.

Here's the link:

In other news, Spring has definitely sprung. The wee birds have been up since before the official ass-crack of dawn. They were happily chirping away at 4 this morning, when there was still no sign of light, anywhere.

Superior cat is nestled next to me resembling, as she always does, a baby seal, crossed with a little bear and a door mouse, yes, she is
that cute!

And on a personal rant, I hate, they are the devil's spawn, truly! Fuck, I've spent so many god damned hours of wasted time trying, in vain to get a website up and running, but each time I do something, something else disappears permanently. All you have to do is touch anything at all, and poof, you've lost all your work. It's bullshit, or perhaps mmm, maybe even elephant shit, cuz they're bigger, :)

Superior cat just repositioned herself, she was keeping my leg so toasty, to the point of sweating.

Even though the weather's getting warmer, I still do agree that "April is the cruelest month", as dear old Eliot reminds us. It's such a liminal period of flux and transition, growth and death happening all at the same time. Plus a lot of people have exams, which is also cruel. I will be giving exams, and the cruel part is the first one will begin at 8 in the morning! Who's going to be even vaguely ready to even spell their own name, let alone anything else at such an hour?
Maybe that's the point? Survival of the fittest? Weed out the whingers. Well, I guess in ties it with the whole Spring birth-death cycle. Meh.

Happy middle of April, and coincidentally, the middle of the week! Do something fun today, and eat something that makes you really happy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Almost Easter

Happy almost Easter, or if you'd prefer, Eostre's day. Eostre's familiar was a hare!

Even if the day means nothing to you, I hope you will celebrate the new birth of spring, which is something to celebrate.

My favourite thing are flowers, which are amazing! How do they know how to create themselves to perfectly and smell so beautiful, and their colours?

And in other animal related news, the petition's gaining, I have close to 700 signatures, on the combined 2 sites!!! 672 to be exact.

Passover and Easter are 2 of my favourite holidays, and then of course is Thanksgiving.

My cat has taken on a new nick name, as it were, she's now known, by me, as "superior cat", because really, she is.

This house feels like a bloody daycare cum halfway house c/o my ass sister. Anything she wants, she gets, and that means having anyone live here whenever and for however long. I just heard her snap at the kid she's brought over to stay I assume, "start being a little more creative!"
" You don't know how to pick up stuff and read? "You need me to guide you?! You're not a baby yo, I don't do it like that!"


Anyway, I'm off to eat lox and cream cheese with my grandmother.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family isn't so nuclear anymore

A new topic: I have 545 signatures to date on my petition urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution!

Also, something to chew on: the term "family" is only ever extended to those with children, but never to those who choose other forms of family. I have a cat, and she's obviously my family, but rarely would non-cat lovers see that point.

Some people I know have chosen to not have children but instead have a dog: their baby. And until I mentioned /thought of it the other day to my friend, who is relatives to the guy in the duo, who also had not ever seen it,I realized that that couple is not regarded as a family, by their larger family , and society, by virtue of the fact that they don't have kids. They are 'only' seen as a couple, not a family, even though they share their lives and home together.

In other words, they are seen as less important, because they have chosen not to procreate, and their chosen family is not validated.

It's time we start recognizing all forms of families. From two people who share their lives sans anyone else, to one person and the animals s/he is lucky enough to share it with too.

These ways of viewing the world seeing family as meaning 2.5 kids and a husband and wife are discriminatory, stupid, limiting and unfair. And should be relegated to the past.

Family is who you choose to love and spend your life with formally or informally, so this includes best friends, the furry kinds and the not-as-furry people kinds, and partners and spouses, and close friends.

When it dawned on me, the other day, that the family with the dog was a) a family! and b) actually not seen as such I felt both angry and triumphant, for realizing that I've have been seeing the world through the old paradigm for way too long as well, hence my just waking up to see that, yes relationship, home= family, and then triumphant for realizing it and telling my friend who had to stop and think about it too. I don't know if it moved him as deeply as it did me, but for me it's about seeing animals as deeply sentient and important beings, and furthermore, it's about recognizing people's valid life choices.

By not recognizing that fam as such we are saying " the only valid life choices are marriage and children, thank you very much."

Well, fuck you ancient, oppressive paradigm.

Family is who you love with and live with!