Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first thousand signatures!

My petition, urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution, has finally reached and surpassed 1,000 signatures! How exciting is this?!
Here's the one with the most signatures...

I have the petition posted have and re-posted it at both its 2 locations , so it is in existence 4 times, and with that the current signature total is 1,009!

It's an amazing beginning and it's taken a lot of work! It will continue to take a lot more work in order to reach my goal of not only attaining at least 10,000 signatures but of actually having animal rights encoded into our constitution!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today we mourn

So, the fucking OSPCA in Markham has killed 99 animals, and let's not mince words here by saying "euthanized", because murder is murder however fancy you try to make the word sound.

By the way, euthanize comes from the Greek, and the prefix eu means joy, happy. So to use the word euthanize is very condescending and has deep religious undertones. When we use phrases like " put down", or " put to sleep" it's the same damn thing. Why is a perfectly ok animal happy to be killed?

So, yes they've killed 99 animals. And why, you ask, incredulously?! Because they were "infected" with a skin fungus erroneously called "ringworm". This skin fungus, a bacteria, was given the name ringworm when it was first discovered. The jackass man who discovered it thought the pattern of infection on the skin looked like a worm, and so, the ugly associations have since stuck, and no one seems too keen on changing the incorrect name.

This skin fungus is completely treatable and is not at all lethal. The ass people at the OSPCA
decided that it was a virulent strain and chose to take matters into their own hands. A vet had been contacted and was waiting at his clinic with a truck ready and empty cages for the patients to stay in while they got better. However, the murderers at the Markham OSPCA decided to not go that route and instead began the killing, to the complete shock and bafflement of the vet.

It has also been mentioned that some staff have been infected. Though I haven't heard any talk of euthanizing them, that's funny, I wonder why not?

Well, please have a moment of silence for the 99 beings that were needlessly murdered yesterday.

Lastly, I have a new kitten. I've named her Punim. ( it's Yiddish ) I found her in my backyard screaming her little head off last week Thursday. Just skin and bones. She's since been to the vet and is adorable. We love her.

So as usual, here is my petition, now more timely than ever, it seems,
urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The ugly double-standard

I saw a cute scene today. A woman saw a large Doberman, a dog I'm not ashamed to say, I'm afraid of. Upon seeing the large dog, who was tied up but patiently waiting for his human friend, the woman said happily, "Oh, a puppy!" Let me just point out here that the dog was by no stretch of anyone's imagination a puppy.
This was a fully grown dog. Full stop.
The woman, and a friend she was with, then went up the dog and gave him snuggles like he was a puppy! In return the dog waggled the tiny nip of a tail that he had and flapped his little ears in complete happiness!
It made me happy to see!
I must say, whenever I see a kitty, no matter the age, I always refer to her/him as a kitten!

I HATE that Dobermans have their tail's and ears cut, and no I won't say "docked", just to make them look and ostensibly feel more aggressive. It's disgusting, bullshit and barbaric and needs to be stopped!
Then the friend/dad of the dog came out from a store he had been in and seemed pretty loving, despite the fact that he most certainly had allowed his dog's body parts to be chopped off.

Most Dobermans are aggressive because of how they are raised and treated. Though the one I saw today was clearly loved, which is a nice break from the norm. The norm being, dogs such as Pit Bulls, who are the new "evil" and yet their humans are the ones who are raising them to behave in aggressive manners, and the humans get off Scott-free.
Why is that?

We talk about "putting down" an animal or "destroying" it, when it's been deemed aggressive. Yet when a person has committed a crime of say, torturing a Pit Bull to the point that it feels so filled with rage it starts attacking other animals and people, we don't say that that sick piece of shit should get "destroyed" cuz then all of a sudden everyone gets all " maybe he was raised in a bad environment" kind of bullshit.

And the dog who's getting "destroyed", had, what, a cheery, fucking happy home-life?

Children who start exhibiting signs of sociopathic behaviour, doing sick shit like torturing other beings or worse, at early ages are never "destroyed". No, instead they are shunted through society only to become sicker.

But really, why don't they get "destroyed"? After all, it's because of them and the adults like them that I keep my cat/(s) indoors at Halloween, and why I, daily sign so many petitions on Care2 that make me sick and want to cry, and why I created my petition, urging my government to finally realize that animals can think, feel, laugh, cry even more deeply than us, and therefore their rights must be included in our constitution. As usual, here's the link: