Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, May 23, 2011

The rain and Faux Feminsim

I love rainstorms, and I love the way the earth and air smell after the rain.

In other news, I feel unimpressed by singers who try to pass themselves off as feminists, the likes of lady cokehead gaga, and beyonce, aka beyond ok come to mind. Both of these two females assert that they are sticking up for female kind and ergo are feminsts. Just being female doesn't make a femisnist. The fact that they sing about “girl power” type issues, like say, getting proposed to by your ‘man’,and getting a “ring on it”, and wanting love of any kind, including sexual diseases, and all, should be proof enough that these two "monsters", isn't that cokehead's name, are indeed not feminists.

Both of the two “singers” I’ve mentioned actually have heaps in common, lets’ take a look:

1. Cokehead and beyond-ok both have blond hair; both dye it.

2. Both believe in the less-is-more policy when it comes to clothing

3. Both are under 30 years old

4. Neither have more than high school education; why is this important?Because their whole thing is to be empowering role models for young women, but , really what kind of modelling are they truly doing?

5. Both sing songs that are all about sex and “love” and faux empowerment

6. Both rely heavily on their looks to keep working

7. Neither of them have ever addressed real issues, such as poverty and women, rape, patriarchy, menial wages, teenage pregnancy, using condoms, the list could surely go on.

8. Both of them are very skinny, and sadly they both wear their skinniness as a badge of honor or pride.

I’m tired of lady drug addict. The world wouldn’t be even remotely be interested in her if she kept her clothes on, had a lot more weight, and was political, because then she’d truly be dangerous. Right now, she’s an over sexed retard who talks about sleeping with every member of her “band’, as an empowering action. Wow!

I’m equally fed up with beyonce. Her synchro-dance numbers and her jazzy crap about what girls should do to get and keep a man is pathetic. Also, I can’t stand her voice. I read some quote where she said she’s really happy that Oprah’s been such a great role model to black women, did she include herself?

Here are some women who are singers who are worth lauding for their feminist stances: Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor, Michelle N’Decello, Madonna -to a degree, P.J Harvey, Lady Saw, Salt-n-Pepa( I had to go to Google for a memory jog), I'm sure there are more, though these are the women that I like, know and remember.

Cokehead and Beyond reinforce the patriarchal attitude of cattiness among women, and that your virtue is in your body; nothing more. These days, young women are wearing less and less and, because their idols model that for them. Sadly, these same idols are not modelling strength, owning your power, political activism.

A shame.