Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, March 30, 2009

cats that I love

Ok, one more post per oggi...the last one though crucial, leaves me feeling more depressed than anything and then I feel, "what's the point?!" homeless kitties i feed and take care of have come for food...the girl i dubbed pregninta, cuz she was pregant has had her babies...I hope they're ok. But now that she's no longer pregnant, what do I call her? I was gonna call her Sweet Pea, but perhaps my kitty would be angry,seeing as I used to call her that when she was wee. And the boy I've dubbed Cutie Pie, or CP for short. He's adorable...Some shit head hurt him..if only I knew who. His teeth are broken and he flinches if you move to quickly.
In the meantime, I made him a house, cuz he never wanted to come in during the freezing-ass winter. I put blankets, a sheep skin shammy thing I found, and of course a box, and it's enclosed in another box, to make it windproof.

I love animals, perhaps you already knew that though, and travelling. Everytime I travel I meet kitties...

Travelling with deliberate purpose

Just a p.s here..I had to delete the video, it wasn't working, but it was from the American Humane Society. Hard to watch, but crucial...too bad it didn't come out.

It hurts me so much to think that we, as people can murder and torture animals, and because they have fur or feathers or gills or shells or scales it's not seen as torture or murder. It's never seen as the brutal crime that it is.

So, I've been vacillating on big life decisions. I know I need to do something that helps animals lives, and not just my own. I know that animals are the lungs, heart, soul, spirit, and breath of this earth. Like trees and mountains they ground and centre us; they comfort and love us, and in return, we abandon them, and do such mind-numbingly sick things to all the gentle beings of this earth.