Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, March 30, 2009

cats that I love

Ok, one more post per oggi...the last one though crucial, leaves me feeling more depressed than anything and then I feel, "what's the point?!" homeless kitties i feed and take care of have come for food...the girl i dubbed pregninta, cuz she was pregant has had her babies...I hope they're ok. But now that she's no longer pregnant, what do I call her? I was gonna call her Sweet Pea, but perhaps my kitty would be angry,seeing as I used to call her that when she was wee. And the boy I've dubbed Cutie Pie, or CP for short. He's adorable...Some shit head hurt him..if only I knew who. His teeth are broken and he flinches if you move to quickly.
In the meantime, I made him a house, cuz he never wanted to come in during the freezing-ass winter. I put blankets, a sheep skin shammy thing I found, and of course a box, and it's enclosed in another box, to make it windproof.

I love animals, perhaps you already knew that though, and travelling. Everytime I travel I meet kitties...

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