Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi ho Hi ho it's off to follow my heart I go

Mamma and baby!
Her name is Bella, she's a friend I made! She has arthritis and her human starting talking to me about whether or not her $1000 operation was worth it. I said simply, 'She's your family. You spend that money easily on other things.' And he said " You're right."

This is Tiger.
And this is Nessie. Some more friends I
made, just in passing, but aren't they beautiful?

A protest sign at the old parlaiment buildings in Canberra.

People tell me I have a beautiful heart, but it always seems so foolish. I love the way animals just watch you, and gather out of maybe fear and curiosity.

Cows and horses, for example remind me of children the way they shyly walk together to watch you, to see what you are doing, always keeping their distance.

Lately my heart doesn't feel beautiful but sad and overburdened.

I saw a cow, or a de-bulled bull crying, but it was quickly " explained' to me by my supposed bf that it was just the wind causing the tear-like action, right of course, how silly of me to feel that animals can display such deep emotions, like crying. When I was asked why I thought the cow could, in fact, be crying, I answered that it was because he knows what's in store for him; he knows that he's going to be slaughtered and eaten. To this the bf scoffed, naturally, at me and my 'silly', read: deeply feeling heart.

It's hard to stay true to my heart, but I persist.

I find this country, Australia so fucking racist, it's not something I was expecting to find; this much racism, everywhere. It's not something you hear about from all the travel guides you read,
or people who have been; they all seem to leave this major part out.

The part about white colonial rule,that still guides this country very firmly.


  1. Funny, you'd think a country colonized by thieves and unwanted people from England would be more understanding.
    People laugh at me the same way when I talk about animals. When my chinchilla got sick, the vet gave me the estimate for a procedure and my pal told me "Oh come on, you can just buy a new one for that amount" I found that a most heartless thing to say, but it told volumes about her character.
    "A person's a person, no matter how small"..Dr Suess

  2. Percisely! We should find a quote like that for animals that aren't the people kind. And yes it was/is an exteremly heartless thing to say; but sadly most people are heartless and just by mere fact of being human, don't care at all about anyone who is not human. Plus I find it gross this concept of buying animals.