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Friday, July 10, 2009

Racism: A Many Hated Thing!

" I looked in your eyes I saw the shame, y'all don't know that our greatness came before the chain."
Big up Talib Kweli

Wow!!! I have no idea what to say, rather how to say it, succinctly, so let me just begin, shall I ?
Here, where I have been staying, I was at the dinner table and the discussion turned to 'race'; now I need to mention that everyone here is WASP, and damn proud of it, that would be, everyone save for yours truly, I am neither WASP, nor would I be proud of it.

So, the topic turns to issues of ,well let's be blunt, colour. The father of this family told us all a story about how his grandfather used to work for a licorice company called 'n' word 'boy'.
I was both shocked and disgusted at hearing this word spoken so freely, but, what's worse, this man goes on to say, " I don't see what's wrong with that word." And what was even scarier, neither did anyone else at the table!!!
I did my fucking best to a) not fully lose it and b) put the fucker in his place, by saying how hateful the word is for the connotations of slavery it holds. Nothing. No one cared.

In fact, another member of the table -party told a story about how the people he works with call road signs the 'n'
word, sandwiched between the words black and boy. He said he refused to use that expression but he didn't seem to do much more about it.

I felt like I was in some fucking 1950's kkk meeting. It was sick.

Someone else piped up about how black people call themselves the "n" word, as if to justfy white ass fucks who also use it, and I said so- fucking- what, that we, as non-dark skinned people have absolutely no right EVER to use that hate-filled word. Like that needed to be said though!!!

What truly sickened me the most though is that no one batted an eye at the word being used, or at it's viciousness, or that no one even spoke on the subject of slavery, except me, of course.

And, the dog is still not welcome indoors. She always does come in though, and comes running to me, cuz she sees an ally, WHICH I AM. I get told that I spoil her, but if giving her love is called spoiling her, than I wonder truly what words one could use to describe how the little kid of this family is raised/treated?!!!



  1. These people are the same kind of people we have here in the south, they can say what they want, but some how take great offense when they are called "red neck" "honkey" "Hill billy". It's ok for them to use hate filled slurs, as long as it does not pertain to them; make a comment on how ignorant or racist they might be and call them a name and suddenly it's not ok anymore. Suddenly you become the racist. No sir, you do not get to make racist jokes, then cry when someone does the same to your honkey white sheet wearing inbred cousin f*&%ing ass.

  2. Thank you! Finally, a bit of sense around here.