Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dominion, or who the fuck do we think we are?

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So, today's "topic", if you will, is all about the funny, and yet, all too encompassing word, dominion. What exactly does it entail? What does it mean to give someone dominion over something?

Rule? Reign? Supremacy? Do these words sum up the concept of " having dominion over" well enough for you?

As a traveller, and more specifically, a backpacker, I try to walk lightly on the earth. I carry only what I can carry on my back, and in many situations, if I can't fit it in to my backpack, I leave it behind and am better off for it.

When I'm up north in the forest, I know that I am in someone else's home.
I understand that I am a visitor, and let's be frank here, I am, like all the other humans an uninvited intruder on the forest's solitude. Though, unlike the gun-toting muderers who roam our beautiful hinterlands, desecrating both the beings who indwell and the earth with their trash and hate, I walk quietly, I bring nothing save for a backpack and walking stick.

I am a meat-eater, but I also understand that this doesn't give me any special rights or privileges pertaining to having a sense of dominion over any other being, especially a being I am eating.

I, as a human, do not at all believe that humans are by any means "more evolved" or ]"more enlightened" than other beings. If anything, we are less so. We have rape. We have guns.

All beings have myriad of emotions and ways of interacting; many animal clans practice acts that I find disturbing, like gerbils who will eat their baby, when they "need protein", whatever, but we're not really much better are we?

Canada continues to murder our seals, Japan, Iceland and Norway still murder their whales, Americans are killing their wolves, and what's worse, their trying to do it "secretly" with the help of that wicked woman, Palin. We all know what China does to it's dwindling brown bear population; for anyone who doesn't, they kill them for their "parts" , yes that's right, murder for what ails you, literally, and then there are the Pandas, who have all but lost their natural home.
What about the Russians? The way they, like the Chinese, force and torture bears into "circus acts" and cages, is beyond disgusting. It humiliates me and hurts me, as if I asm a bear too. Though, I can not even begin to conceive what those bears, or any animal who is tortured and shamed must feel.

I have absolutely zero respect for these so called "cultures" of people.

Check out this link! It's sad, and horrific, but think about our topic when reading it, will you?

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