Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Friday, March 6, 2009


Ah, Algonquin Provincial Park...It's so vast, so immense, it's an amazing place to know. This extraordinary photo of a beautiful, thirsty young cow moose was my first encounter with such a huge, majestic being!

Being among so many trees makes me feel less frenetic, less chaotic, more whole, clam and centred. Forests and trees and gifts.

I love being able to look far and not see one single power line, ugly building; I think mostly all are eyesores, or even, cars.

I have done a few different hikes there. I remember one where I saw a woman in full- on stilettos!
Now, I wear hiking boots or sometimes my sneakers, but heels? And it wasn't like that particular hike was straight and flat, in fact in was pretty uphill for quite a bit of the way.

I'd like to share some images of the forest as seen on the hike of the whiskey rapids, where, apparently, bears were about, and could be heard, though not by me.

P.S. International Women's Day is 2 days away, how will you celebrate? Is this even the right word for a day of the year, one day we are "given" to scream for our rights?

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