Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why this petition is so crucial...

I have to say that as a Canadian, I am so ashamed of my government.

We hear a lot of talk about, "Let's save the polar bears", and " We're destroying their habitat.." and "Climate change is melting the arctic.."

Ok, but what's really going on is that my government fully allows these majestic bears to get shot "for sport", a term that sickens me, as should it to any sentient being.

We allow the same to be done to our black bears here in Ontario.
Oh sure some people say that bears are a "problem", yeah, they are a problem when you have killed their family members, destroyed their land, built up all around it, and left them with no food source save for the fucking garbage dump.
So, my ass-government allows bears to get murdered for "fun", even mother bears.

I blogged here about this some months back, and when I was doing a search about people who are against the bear murders in my province, all that came up were pages and pages about why killing bears " is fun", and other sick shit. It's a big and disgraceful "tourist attraction".

Below are 2 links. 1 is a clip from youtube about an amazing Canadian man named Charlie Russell, who lives with and takes care of orphaned bears in Russia. The link has such beautiful photos with him and the bears that are basically his kids, and while you watch it think about the beauty of bears, and feel your heart hurt knowing that to most people bears are "buckshot" and nothing more.

The second link is about the documentary that the youtube clips are from. The documentary is from a Canadian program by David Suzuki called The Nature of Things, and the doc itself is called The
Bearman of Kamchatka, where you can read about Charlie who could be called an angel. Do yourself a gigantic favour and get a copy of the documentary. It's amazing! And not only is Charlie incredible for what's he's done, he's also incredible for the way in which he loves bears, with his entire being.

I think this film should be mandatory viewing for everyone, especially government officials!!

And last but not least, my petition, if you are new to this site, then great, more signatures!
I want animal rights included in the constitution! Please follow the link below, and tell the government that animals must be included!!!



  1. Yes, it is necessary to help all living beings near the nature disasters. Animals in these disasters often suffer more than people, because people are bailing out immediately after the disaster, but animals often must to wait for an animal rescuer. The number of animal victims is so often higher number than human victims. Certainly not correct to focus only on rescuing people and animal have let to suffer.

    I also saw a human and his dog who were reunited after years. Perhaps in the tv programme on Animal Planet.

    Read this article about IFAW rescue animals in the Philippines:

  2. I agree with you, completely. Animals get dismissed whenever it suits people. I never saw Animal Planet, I just saw a little article about the man and his dog who were reunited.

    It's ironic though because the Philipines has such a horrid record of people abusing their pets, with nothing being done.