Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This is my favourite holiday and it's the best time of year, as well.

What does this holiday mean to you? What will you be giving thanks for, and with whom?

Whatever motivates you to be, perhaps, introspective, please continue letting people know about my petition that needs a lot more signatures still.

And, here it is!!

Keep on signing:)

Shit, I don't care if people want to sign their names 20 times, I just need more signatures so it can be taken seriously but the ass- bureaucracy that is my, like any, government. It's just some governments are worse in terms of red tape, bullshit and corruption,not to mention violation of human and animal rights.

Which government is, in your opinion the number one offender?

Migwetch ( thank you, in Ojibway)


  1. There you are my dear, I was wondering about you. Glad to see you are back :) I like thanksgiving too, but I'm here in Cali so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving until Nov. Halloween is the best though
    In my opinion I would guess that China or the USA is the worst offender. China is obvious, the US, we like to think we have the power to police the world and yet are blind to our own offenses.

  2. I concur, wholeheartedly, but I would not hasten to add dear old Canada. However, after watching Micheal Moore's movie sicko the other day, dear lord, I won't put Canada too close to America. Though your land is supposed to be a 1st world country, it's horrendous what goes on. All the same Moore is biased. I mean, whenever he comes over to Canada it's ALWAYS the white, middle class areas, always. But still he made his point.

  3. Answer: The reason is simple: unlike the Canadian commercial seal hunt, Namibian seal hunt is little documented. In Namibia, each year killed 80,000 baby seals as well as in Canada for silly fur. Namibian seal hunt is second largest defeat seals in the world. Of course, after canadian seal hunt...

  4. True that! I feel so embarresed by my government sometimes. I love Micheal moore's flims (Bowling for Columbine) because he forces you to look at his point of view. Although this new flick "Capitalism" I mean, who really benefits more from Capitalism then the man who gets all the money from the movie right? Hypocrisy knows no bond

  5. Exactly, he does force you, but still, though he is horribly biased, who really isn't?

  6. I bet the Namibian seal hunt is not documented, or discussed in the wider media because it's a catch 22 racism issue. If the media starts bringing light to this awful issue it will/could be viewed as racism, but by ignoring it, it is racist to allow them to continue the slaughter, unchecked. Where's Senator Harb now?

  7. And Zdenek, which country is for you the worst offender of human/animal rights, corruption etc?

  8. This has nothing to do with rasimem. Hunters are mostly white skin. Simply most organization primarily focuses on the end of the Canadian commercial seal hunt, and a smaller part of the animal defenders on the end of the Namibian commercial seal hunt.

    Worst offender is a China, DPRK, Iraq, Afghanistan, and similar countries...but if you think about it, there is no place on Earth where there are animals really considered living beings with their own value...people are cruel!?!

  9. I disagree, I still say, this is an issue of racism, full stop. Why has the wider media not talked about this, because it's Namibia, and perhaps even more so, that white hunters are at the helm. We are a cruel race, humans. Look at how we treat each other, think, the Holocaust, Rwanda, for fuck's sake, and then realize that most people have not evolved much past their cave-foreparents, if at all.

  10. No, racism in that certainly is not. Do not be so set against. Canada is simply all to see, unlike Namibia. Are you a racist? I am strongly opposed to any form of racism!

  11. You actually have the nerve to ask me if I'm racist? Where the fuck would you get that from? Because I question the inherent, eurocentric, and might I add, andro-centric bias presented by the white world, you included. So, perhaps you support apartheid, the world over?