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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animals on Board = "Checked Baggage"!!?

First off, please keep signing my petition urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution. ( relentless, yes, I am)

Here's the url:

Secondly, did anyone know that animals, primarily pets, when taken on a plane are considered "checked baggage"!!! Checked bloody baggage. Also, the number of pet deaths during flights due to stress, injuries, illness, or the inability to breathe is so startlingly high, and the airlines won't take responsibility. Surprise surprise!

Have a look at this report, which features only American airline companies

And as you can see, Continental is the worst offender.

I couldn't even find a Canadian version of an incident report, so here's one story, of disgustingly, far too many

Relating to the above story is this one, which could be seen as a small victory, perhaps?

And this is pretty heartening as well..

And lastly, this forum discussion board is pretty interesting, and heartening.


  1. ok so the airline loses your luggage and gives you a few bucks toward that, but they can KILL a memeber of your family and all they say is "oops" I say we should make all those involved with the airline ride as cargo at least once and then see if they are so willing to just pass deaths of animals in the same conditions with just a wave of a hand.
    And how does one go about LOSING a pet on an airline?? Do they think they could get away with LOSING a human passenger?
    F*&^ing A, for people to be able to "check" living breathing animals as luggage makes me wonder if we as humans have ever evolved from the times when we would over pack slave ships with no regard for the percious cargo of life.

  2. Sadly, most humans are still those fucking slave owner types. Yeah, it's gross, one story I read as I did all the research looking for all those links was about a Golden Retriever who chewed through the bars of his cage in the bloody cargo hold, becaue he was scared and anxious that his gums were all bloody and he lost teeth. The airline refused to take any blame, saying he did it to himself.

    But, anyone who would do that to their supposed friend/family is cruel. I mean the animal is in a dark, cold room, alone for hours, and if it's summer possibly overheating, and if it's winter freezing.

    It sickens me. We as a species have so far still to go.