Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Same shit, different name

Lest we forget my petition to include animal rights into Canada's constitution:

This blog posting was from a piece I wrote called Globalized Apartheid, back in 'o5, I've done some little edits.

"Here in my city we had a large procession of police officers of colour parade through my Caribbean 'hood. Did the "media" even bat an eye, let alone toss one meager little scrap of mention about it anywhere. I was surprised as anyone to come home to a huge barricade of white and intimidating cops, only to later see that the parade contingent was by and large peopled with officers of colour. I think all of us watching let out a sigh of relief and, simultaneously, felt a surge of pride.

"However, the question begs asking, if we in Canada, pride ourselves,( at least I think we do) on being such a forward thinking society, then why the hell do we still need to mention the colour of
someone's skin, their religion (always Jewish when the writer is clearly not) or sexual option!? Our new Governor General is an amazing Haitian born Canadian who is getting touted as being "the first black Governor General.” Does this not make anyone else feel like the shadow of jim crow is just behind the lurking tree, with the noose still blowing in the wind?"

What's the Apartheid like in your city?"

And, on that note, what's your ism?


  1. I always wonder why we need to mention race and other labels also. Like "The First Black President" ok, I though we had moved away from pointing someone out as "Black" but I guess not. People here in the US were and are so hung up on that whole issue. For instance, during the election, people were interviewed about their views on Obama, but the reporter was using the points from the McCain campign. All these people were saying "Yes Obama is right about that" When in reality, that was not Obama's position at all. That to me just proved that all these people were voting for him based on the color of his skin, not the issues. Nice.

  2. exactly, most people are in fact still just cave people, neanderthals!

    Glad you dug the hotgirl! She is cute, isn't she?