Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the healing energy of mountains

this is a photo of the breathtakingly beautiful sun sets here where I'm staying!

So, evidently ye olde swine flu is all but dried up, kinda. But in more exciting news, I heard my first kookaburra "laugh", they sound like a combination between a really hyper person and a monkey laughing so hard they could be peeing, but it does sound beautiful.

I've been spending loads of time in the mountains. Ah, mountains! They heal your heart, don't they? I suppose it's so many things, but mainly, for me it's the solitude and peace of the energy of mountains, and I've been to many mountains.

I've visited some exquisite mountains in Iceland ( you can check out my archived articles on Iceland if the spirit moves you) called Hels range. I climbed some ways up, sat and painted. I have been in the mountains in Italy, a lot, in Colombia, which were quite a surprise as they were really hot as opposed to the city in which I was living, which was both cold and extremely polluted, with both cars and therefore fumes. I've been to an amazing mountain in New England, the view was stunning. I've climbed one in Scotland's Isle of Skye; The Old Man of Storr (I HATE THIS COMPUTER!!!) which was a difficult but amazing climb! I travelled to an volcano face in Costa Rica. And now I've been to mountains here in Australia!

As I sit and write this I can see the misty morning of this chilly day breaking. Here it's autumn, and crisp in both the morning and night, but stunning.

Yesterday, I saw a tree believed to be at least 500 years old, just growing by the grocery store!

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  1. Wow beautiful looking sunset. 500 years old! Hug it for me lol