Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"... In the merry merry land of Oz."

Can you guess where that quote is from? It just happens to be one of my favorite films.

Well, dear readers, I am heading off today for the lovely land down theory it's supposed to be for some respite, a break, regrouping and all that jazz, but geez, just the full on stress of packing will be enough to need a vacation from this vacation

Fear not, the kittens and my kitty will all be loved while I'm gone.

I have 2 days of travel to look ? forward to, good times.

So, I will probably be more sporatic than usual with getting to blog, but hopefully not too much.

My cat is a little distressed slashed upset, ok and let's be honest, sad that I'm heading off, she even stayed out for a few hours last night, just to spite me, and not snuggle on my bed. Eventually she came in and snuggle she did.

Here are 2 photos of her with me..she's adorable!

It's a lovely spring day, with prominent floral notes (like wine!)...ah I'll miss the lilacs, they're about to come out..but I have already seen the tulips, hyacinths, forsythias, bleeding hearts, violets, and though not a flower ...chubby robins!


  1. hope your journey has turned out to be a good one.
    I loved this posting and will send you photos of the lilac as soon at it blooms.

    may the wind be always with you.

  2. Down under mate? Geaar! Have a good time and pet a joey for me!
    WofOZ is one of my fav films too! If you look at old post on my blog, you can see where I visted Tin Man and Scarecrow.
    That's funny about your cat, my chinchilla Eowyn is the same way! Last time I was gone for a week, when I can back, she didn't come up to me as usual. I went to pet her and she turned around and gave me her tail as if to say "Hmph. Kiss my furry butt for leaving me". My other chin Stevie, was very happy to see me, but Eowyn had to punish me for a bit for not being there.
    A bit of ZEN yesterday. I saw a momma duck and her 5 ducklings waddling toward the marsh nearby. Everyone around me stopped to look and we all smiled at each other. Why can't strangers always be that way? Seems like people here in Cali are so rude unless there is something to make them smile hitting them in the face.

  3. Loki is missing you. She did not eat today and is purringly moping on my bed. How's the down under crowd?

  4. I'm so happy for you, Traveller! Have a great time down in Oz. I so want to visit Australia one day, but first, must finish school. Argghhh!
    Good on ya, mate- have a Aus-some time!

  5. so how about posting some of those fauna and flora pics you've been taking?

  6. where are the pictures you say you posted?