Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time or time?

Time or time is a funny thing, isn't it? We want to kill it, squelch it, waste it, squander it senselessly, or give it away to any passing fool.

We use our time in myriad of ways, most of which are connected to our issues of low self esteem. We hate ourselves so we try to diminish any possible semblance of light we may see in ourselves. We use our time to drink, smoke, put ourselves down, and see the negative in it all. We feel that it is only right to do this because that is what being an adult is about, preparing for 'the grind' this is the other word for both time and life as we grow up.

We rush around with schedules, deadlines, agendas and calendars. We plan, organize and arrange how to best use our most valuable resource: our time.

We worry about "the effects of time" and the physical effects it has on us. We worry so much that massive industries will never go out of business due to our collective fear/insanity.

Most of us say that life is short, and we have many a turn of phrase to match our particular bent on how we see life: a game, a river, a road.

Time slips away from us, needs to be chased after and passes us by.

But never once do we collectively sip in the sweet nectar of what we have been given, and, instead of calculating, organizing, scheduling meting and parsing out our time to be wasted, killed or used up all too quickly, just enjoy the bloody living hell out of any moment.

My cat is a great teacher, well all animals are, but I say my kitty because I have never seen another kitty wash her or himself with as much full and complete love as Loki. She spreads out on the carpet to begin her ritual and spreads her little toes and closes her eyes and begins preening and all the while she purrs, deeply. She goes on to her back and belly, and never once does a look of scorn cross her perfect face so that she would need to feel ashamed for her chub. She closes her eyes and meditates in full joy and love o nhow perfect she is. It's a beautiful thing to watch, and every time I watch her, I think," Geesus, if people could love themselves as much as she does, if I could, the world could feel less painful, more peaceful and serene.


  1. Your post made me think of 2 things:
    1. The movie IQ "Time can not exsist, because what I am saying is already the past and what I am about to say is the future so there is no present so time can not exsist!
    2. this poem by my cousin:
    Time, It goes by too fast, It is never in your grasp. You can't hold it, you just watch it pass,
    Like sand through the hour glass. As Father Time takes his toll, the time is now, you must let go. Time can not hold. So seize your days and seize your nights. The time is now to make it right

  2. The time IS now, I completely agree! Time is a gift, but we rarely see it as such.